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Englisch I had never thought of wearing slippers at first,...
I had never thought of wearing slippers at first, but I changed my mind after you bought them for me.
Please translate this idiomatically. i.e. - the way you'd normally say this in a conversation in Turkish. Thank you!

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Türkisch Türkisch
Griechisch Αναστηθηκα

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Chinesisch Chinesisch
Spanisch Muchos besos por ser tan simpatica además de...
Muchos besos y gracias por ser tan simpática además de cantar tan bien.

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Bosnisch Bosnisch
Diese Übersetzung erfordert nur die Bedeutung.
Englisch Shape Up is the fast pace hidden object game!...
Shape Up is the fast pace hidden object game! It's the fastest, most colorful and most simple game you'll ever play!

Do you want something to play in between minutes? It just takes 30 seconds to play!

The screen is filled with shapes and you need to find the target as fast as possible! How fast are you? Can you beat the best scores on Earth? Can you beat all of your friends?

There are 108 levels, from an apple to a trombone! Complete challenges to earn keys to unlock levels!
App description for Google Play and Amazon. No specific requirements.

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Japanisch Japanisch
Brasilianisches Portugiesisch Salmo 119
Jamais me esquecerei dos teus preceitos, pois é por meio deles que preservas minha vida.
Preceito é um substantivo masculino com origem no latim praeceptus e que significa ordem, regra, norma, condição.

Um preceito também pode dizer respeito a uma doutrina, mandamento ou ensinamento. Os preceitos podem ser os mandamentos ou bases de uma determinada religião e por isso são comuns expressões como preceitos do budismo, islamismo, catolicismo, judaísmo, umbanda, etc.

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Latein Latein
Englisch Clinical evaluation of internal axial wall...
In the fabrication of casting post and core or inlay the line angle of the cavity floor can be seen even when the internal axial walls are parallel or slightly convergent. It is conceivable that more sighted distance will be required for internal axial walls evaluation compared with external axial walls evaluation. The aim of the study is to derive a practical and convenient method and data for the evaluation of the divergent angle of internal axial walls.
Clinical evaluation of internal axial wall divergence in inlays and casting post-and-core fabrication - Journal of Dental Sciences

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Brasilianisches Portugiesisch Avaliação clínica da parede interna do eixo...
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Albanisch Albanisch
Englisch Enable Drip Feed Course and Drip Feed Duration.
Enable Drip Feed Course and Drip Feed Duration.
The translation is for the menu of an online english course site. Drip Feed Course, means that the students see the next lesson after x days. X is the drip feed duration.
Thank you.

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Rumänisch Rumänisch
Russisch Добрый день Аna_dietrich . Очень давно мі не...
Добрый день, А. Очень давно мы не переписывались с тобой.
Как у тебя там дела? Как здоровье? Что нового в жизни и, вообще, как дела???
Мне интересно узнать многое о тебе, как видишь, приехать ещё пока не получается.

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Brasilianisches Portugiesisch Brasilianisches Portugiesisch
Englisch Lions don't lose sleep over the 'opinion of sheep
Lions don't lose sleep over the 'opinion of sheep

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Arabisch Arabisch
Schwedisch heja! kom igen!
heja! kom igen!
Detta är en hejarramsa för ett svenskt lag som heter modo

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Englisch Come on!
Slowakisch Do toho!
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Litauisch Litauisch