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Inglés Translations
İ especially like these three series: Star Trek, Code Lyoko and Winx Club, and İ have wikis of these series in several languages.

İf you want me to do a translation or correction in Catalan, Spanish, Portuguese, Galician or İtalian, leave me a message with your request and İ’ll do it, only you have to write a message in my Message Wall.
“Wikis” are websites where anyone can edit, about different topics. See more here:

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Mongol Mongol
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Inglés Auto-refresh
“Refresh this page automatically”

“Purge the server cache and update the contents of this page.”

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Bretón Na gall ket kalon
Na gall ket kalon
francais de france

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Francés Francés
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Inglés Interviewer and Mayor
: Excuse me, Mayor. I would like to confirm if you really are willing to fight against Cartel.

: I would just like there to be peace in this city. That is all. If Cartel is really prepared to accept shutting down and if they really are prepared to cease narcotrafficking between American and Latin American countries, I will be delighted to comply.

: But Mayor... Some people are worried about the employment rate going down because of their business going out.

: For getting rid of problems, I would like to enact public works projects and I would employ former drug dealers and former hitmen.
This is a dialog of fiction Story in Mexico.
Interviewer Speaking Spanish, mayor responding in Spanish too.

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Español Español
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Francés Je suis un puissant lobbyiste de la vape
Je suis un puissant lobbyiste de la vape
"vape" : "vaping" in English

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Bosnio Bosnio
Persa Persa