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Het is niet? Maar het is mijn...
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Het is niet? Maar het is mijn...
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Naslov is not ? But it is mine...

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Ciljni jezik: Engleski is not? But it is mine...
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Isn't that? But that is my...
Posljednji potvrdio i uredio lilian canale - 16 svibanj 2008 05:11

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12 svibanj 2008 03:43

lilian canale
Broj poruka: 14972
Isn't it?

12 svibanj 2008 10:34

Broj poruka: 1206
Hi, Lilian
I'm not sure. In the original stands "Het is niet?". "Isn't it?" would mean "Is het niet?". But I'm still not sure.

12 svibanj 2008 16:09

lilian canale
Broj poruka: 14972
OK Maki, let's use either "Isn't it" or "Isn't that" which will be correct in English, and the poll will tell us if the other users agree.
Pick one and edit, then I'll set a poll.

12 svibanj 2008 20:11

Broj poruka: 1206
I've made the changes. I hope it'll be ok.

12 svibanj 2008 23:25

Broj poruka: 34
Er klopt iets niet!

13 svibanj 2008 10:09

Broj poruka: 36
It's very difficult to say if this is correct. The original text doesn't make much sense. The question isn't in proper Dutch. Literally translated it would be "It's not". But that is not a question. And the second sentence is incomplete and could be translated as "But it's my ...".

13 svibanj 2008 10:45

Broj poruka: 3389
This is of course an odd little half-sentence but it gives the impression there's something following 'mijn' as in Dutch we wouldn't say 'dit is mijn' (would be 'dit is van mij'). I think therefor the translation should be 'but it is my...'

13 svibanj 2008 13:13

Broj poruka: 5
I think it should be:
It is not? But its my..
Because in the dutch sentense the meaning is different from the english translation.

13 svibanj 2008 14:01

Broj poruka: 1206
I think so, too. But is "It is not?" correct in English?

13 svibanj 2008 15:55

Broj poruka: 66
In my opinion it's an abbreviated sentence (eg from a textbook how to learn dutch or something like that). there should be something behind the word 'niet' and since there isn't, any translation is a mere guess. so I'm guessing they want to say 'het is niet..(X)..? translating into: it isn't...(X)..?

13 svibanj 2008 16:02

Broj poruka: 1
Isn't it? But it's mine...

13 svibanj 2008 23:18

Broj poruka: 14
It is not ?But it is my...

13 svibanj 2008 23:42

Broj poruka: 1
It is not? But it is mine. <that's directly translated

14 svibanj 2008 16:04

lilian canale
Broj poruka: 14972
Hi Maki, I've edited it differently and set a new poll.

15 svibanj 2008 20:24

Broj poruka: 19
Is n't it? But it's my..

16 svibanj 2008 00:26

Broj poruka: 212
mijn = mine not my