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15 travanj 2019

Not dead ? ! ?

A backend update for cucumis !

Yep I had a couple of hours today to work on a few updates mainly for security matters.

First of all, all site is now in https for security (was done few weeks ago).

Also, passwords used to be stored in clear in database. This is fixed now, passwords are hashed.

And finally a [DELETE SPAMMER] button for admins.

Happy 2019 to all of you!

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23 svibanj 2011

Pre kasno je za zaželjeti vam sretnu novu godinu,

No... Pre kasno je za zaželjeti vam sretnu novu godinu, zauzet sam novim poslom, ali još ste mi u mislima, dragi prijatelji i kolege s

lilian canale i Francky5591 su još administratori, a sada im pomažu i Bamsa, Freya i gamine, jednako dobri radnici

Imamo novu stranicu za često postavljana pitanja, koju su često tražili, te nove, mlade i talentirane stručnjake, kvaliteta ne ovisi o godinama.

Još jedna novost, Google pretraga je sada integrirana u stranicu, što je puno jednostavnije za korisnike, članove, stručnjake i administratore koji traže prijevode koji su već obavljeni na

Ovo nije tajna, vrlo sam zaposlen svojim neovisnim poslom razvoja igara. Ako želite vidjeti zašto nisam na Cucumisu koliko bih trebao biti, posjetite iPhone igrice koje sam napravio.

Ako me želite kontaktirati, najčešće odgovaram na Twitteru.

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28 siječanj 2010

Happy new year 2010 to all cucumis ...

Happy new year 2010 to all cucumis fellows! (No, it's not too late! But of course the happy year has started also on the forum).

Many new experts were added these days, thanks to them for accepting to help.

Of course thanks to the super admins lilian canale & Francky5591 for managing the site.

So many improvements are waiting in the todo list, so I hope I can implement some of them this year!

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13 kolovoz 2008

Cucumis on US TV ?

Cucumis has been reviewed on US tv WBALTV. You can watch the video here, the cucumis review start after 1 minute.

I don't know anything about this tv channel WBALTV, maybe our north american members can help ?

Btw, Cucumis is 3 years old now.

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13 ožujak 2008

Zdravo! CUCUMIS je promjenio server....

Cucumis je promijenio server. Jučer smo dostigli 15.000 posjetitelja. Odlično...

Korisnici Hotmail-a, ukoliko više ne primate naše E-mail obavijesti, odaberite opciju "promijenite e-mail adresu" (sa stranice vašeg profila).

Ova poruka je prigoda da se još jednom zahvalimo nevjerojatnom udruženju Kvaliteta prijevoda se poboljšava iz dana u dan. Više od 100 stručnjaka danas vrše recenziju prijevoda. Divno.

Također, važna obavijest je da su Francky5591 & goncin sada super cucimus administratori sa super cucimus moćima.
Danish brute
Sada imamo ne jednu(1), ne dvije(2), već tri (3) danske "zvijeri".

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12 srpanj 2007

2 years old!

Happy birthday Cucumis!

46000 members so far, 5000 visitors and 100 translations done everyday. A strong community is born with a common interest in languages.

A huge thanks to experts, administrators and members contributing everyday.

I can't list all the improvements made to the site since the last blog entry. As the experts are the core of the system, all has been done, and will be done to make their work easier. And by the way... we need more experts!

Everyday I'm amazed by the fantastic people we meet on cucumis and that is the true victory!

All the best!

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29 prosinac 2006

Happy new year 2007!

A long time since my last post!
There is so much to tell! I will try to do it as quick as possible.

A nice article about cucumis was written by Mickael Arrington founder of the famous techcrunch blog reviewing the new web 2.0 products. Despite the article was quite incomplete about what we are doing here, it was very useful to reveal Cucumis to the entire world. Hundreds of blog articles were posted after this article, Cucumis was even featured on Finnish and French television. I've read many of those articles (those I can understand) and I was very pleased to see that most of the writers who tested the service was very satisfied by the quality of the translations we do here. Congratulations to all translators and, of course, to the great team of experts.

Now the new features.

This is new :
- Until now, cucumis was not designed for people who can't speak a foreign language. Now it is! If you can't translate anything, we give you 300 points every 10 day!
- Who is online, charts about new members every day, and country ratio.
- Translation statistics. Looking at the pie chart of the translations to be evaluated, you can view the languages in which we need experts (Norwegian, Hungarian, Hindi, Swedish, Kurdish, Arabic, Korean, Albanian ...).

This is very new :
All members can now add translations in their favorites. You can view the list of your favorite translations from your profile page, and there is also a top favorite translations list.

This is very very new :
When the experts can't understand the source text of a translation, they still can evaluate the linguistic form of the translation but they can't for the meaning. Now, for the evalutations they can't do alone, they can ask for the opinion of all members. According to the informations of your profile, you will be asked now and then to give your opinion on some translations. After collecting enough votes to make up ones mind, the translation is accepted or rejected.

Bye and happy new year to all of you!

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3 rujan 2006

Major improvements

Hi all, I've added 3 features to Cucumis which are worth being mentioned here.

1. email notification

From now, you can be notified by email when somebody ask for a translation that matches your language preferences. There is a 2 days delay before being notified. This delay give us the time to check the eventual mistakes on the target and source languages and maybe to give the priority to people who often check the website. The functionnality is not fully tested, so you might expect some bugs in the next few weeks.
To use it, simply check the box "Želim biti obaviješten putem e-maila kada se pojavi novi zahtjev za prijevodom koji odgovara mojim postavkama" on the translation homepage, and submit by clicking on the blue arrow.

2. RSS (Really Simple Syndication)

You can now use the RSS format in your favorite RSS reader to be warned about new available translations mathcing your language preferences. On the requested translations pages (for example this one), you can see the rss icon RSS that links to the rss url. Simply add this url in your rss reader to be daily informed about new translation requests.
Using the netvibes start page (netvibes is one of the best rss reader, I recommend it), this is an example of what you can get :
Cucumis translations matching your language preferences in netvibes

3. administrators and experts

Until now, translations was to be checked one by one and the load was very high for administrators and experts. Now they can check several translations in one click. I hope we can have more translations checked by our talented experts with this new system, and offer better quality to everybody.

That's all

Note that the greek interface has been recently added. Most of the job was done by irini! Thanks!
...and thanks to all contributors!


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2 travanj 2006

5000 members

More than 5000 members have registered with and it's the opportunity to remind that without its members is nothing. Thanks to the members who spend part of their spare time for the community and a special thanks to the experts of cucumis, who check and edit all translations to make them as good as possible.
Waiting for the 10000th member, there is a lot of work to do here, making the interface more clear, the search of translations more easy, developing the project section, and the language course section too...

Top chart: number of members. Bottom chart: number of new members each day Members by country

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22 siječanj 2006

Server crash

The hard disk of the web server has crashed yesterday .

The data were restored from the 9h january. Many translations, messages, wiki articles and members are lost, and I'm sorry for that. All avatars pictures are also lost. I invite deleted members to register again and send a message in the forums to get back their former status (Number of points, Expert rank etc...). All members are invited to request their points back.

I hope it won't happen again as it took me the whole week-end to repair and it's not yet completed.

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