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Translation - Tagalog-English - pasensya sa istorbo

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This translation request is "Meaning only".
pasensya sa istorbo
Submitted by hatem01
Source language: Tagalog

pasensya sa istorbo

paalam dami ako trabaho dito

I'm sorry for disturbing you.

Translated by Russell719
Target language: English

I'm sorry for disturbing you.

Goodbye. I have a lot of work here.
Remarks about the translation
This source text is not in Indonesian. It's in Tagalog.

The title (and first line of the message) can also be translated as "I apologize for the disturbance."
Last validated or edited by dramati - 16 February 2008 20:22

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8 February 2008 19:17

Number of messages: 6
The translation suppose to be:

Saya minta maaf telah mengganggu anda.
Sampai jumpa. Saya punya banyak kerjaan disini

9 February 2008 20:25

Number of messages: 2481
Source language edited , thank you all

11 February 2008 11:16

Number of messages: 972
so how should it be edited Coloma, since we don't speak the language we need to know what it says in English.

11 February 2008 23:11

Number of messages: 20
I think there might have been a slight misunderstanding between source and target languages. The person who made the request selected Indonesian as the source language, which I then noticed was actually in Tagalog.

Coloma's message contains the Indonesian translation of the text.