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Traduction - Suédois-Anglais - Hej kom och hjälp mig

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Catégorie Vie quotidienne

Hej kom och hjälp mig
Proposé par Roller-Coaster
Langue de départ: Suédois

Hej kom och hjälp mig

Hi, please come and help me

Traduit par Porfyhr
Langue d'arrivée: Anglais

Hi, please come and help me
Dernière édition ou validation par kafetzou - 26 Septembre 2007 05:07

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25 Septembre 2007 07:38

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I don't see any "please" in the original text.

25 Septembre 2007 14:38

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Hej, var snäll och kom och hjälp mig! Man glömmer "please" vilket blir "var snäll"

25 Septembre 2007 15:09

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Xini, Maggis message is very true. In Swedish we extremely seldom use the word "please". If you should talk real "Swenglish" then avoid all "Please".

"Give me a beer."
"Help me with this."
"Could you give me a hand."

Swedes are therefore considered rude by many English speaking persons. So I'll fight for the "please" in my translation. It is one of the rudimentary signs of the difference between a good and a bad translation to/from Swedish, I think.