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Translation - Arabic-English - InTa HaYaTi..InTa HaBiBi..MiN AwiL NaRzA..WsOuRti...

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InTa HaYaTi..InTa HaBiBi..MiN AwiL NaRzA..WsOuRti...
Submitted by blackcll
Source language: Arabic

InTa HaYaTi..InTa HaBiBi..MiN AwiL NaRzA..WsOuRti NaSiBi. .أحبك حبيبي

الموت للذهاب الى كندا
Remarks about the translation
Porfavor quisiera que alguien me traduzca esto lo antes posible.. muchas gracias.

I love you my love...

Translated by elmota
Target language: English

I love you my love...
You are my life... you are my love... from first sight... you became my destiny

I'm dying to go to Canada.
Remarks about the translation
the last statement maybe translated as above, but its kind of a weird way to say it, the pronouns are missing, so I assumed it is "I"
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