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Tradução - Francês-Espanhol - Tu me manques beaucoup. Gros bisous ma puce

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Categoria Expressões - Amor / Amizade

A solicitação desta tradução é "Somente o Significado".
Tu me manques beaucoup. Gros bisous ma puce
Enviado por andujar martinez
Idioma de origem: Francês

Tu me manques beaucoup. Gros bisous ma puce!
Notas sobre a tradução
<edit> "pouce" with "puce" and added caps where needed</edit>

Te echo mucho de menos. Grandes ...

Traduzido por Júlia Mulleras Escofet
Idioma alvo: Espanhol

Te echo mucho de menos. Grandes besos, mi cielo.
Último validado ou editado por lilian canale - 26 Janeiro 2011 12:51

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26 Janeiro 2011 12:01

Número de Mensagens: 3385
Creo que 'puce' en francés es mas utilisado para referirse al color (un castaño rojizo) pero no estoy seguro...

26 Janeiro 2011 12:16

Número de Mensagens: 1914
Uhm, this is probably a most affectionate way of saying "sweetheart", colloquial language again...but if it's translated as "cariño", "dulzura" or smth like this, then it looks quite a lot like many other translations we have here.

I voted green in the sense of litteral translation, but I´m not sure that "pulga mía" is used in Spanish with the same meaning as in French.

26 Janeiro 2011 13:59

Número de Mensagens: 12407
Freya is right, "ma puce" is an affectionnate way to call some girl, or little girl, that is currently used by boyfriends or parents. Sometimes even "ma petite puce", or "pupuce" is used (double first consonance often used in a childish way to talk according to the stereotyped "small thus cute" )

29 Janeiro 2011 17:45

Júlia Mulleras Escofet
Número de Mensagens: 12
Uhm,... I do really think I translated it alright.
At least, when I say 'ma puce' in french I mean 'honey', 'sweetheart',... So 'cielo' is kind of this in Spanish,... that's the whole point of human translating,... you MUST KNOW the real meaning of things out of context. That's what differences us to google translate...