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xronia polla anipsia kai oti epithimis sthn...
Submitted by fateffellshort
Source language: Greek

xronia polla anipsia kai oti epithimis sthn agalia sou na to vreis!
Remarks about the translation
US english

Happy birthday niece and everything you desire...

Translated by spike87
Target language: English

Happy birthday niece and I wish that you have everything you desire in your lap!
Remarks about the translation
"xronia polla" we say in Greece for "happy birthday" and also for the "name day".
But in english if it's not birthday and it's just the name day then you say "happy name's day" and not "happy birthday".
Last validated or edited by lilian canale - 12 September 2009 14:55

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11 September 2009 12:40

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I find the second part a bit "awkward". "May you find whatever/everything you desire/wish in your hug/lap"?
With an explanation that it's a wish that rhymes and means that you wish for that person to get anything they wish (having it within the circle of your arms meaning that you will have secure, total possession of it).
Often used for wishing either for a "better half" or a child. Accompanied by a wink it these cases

12 September 2009 12:46

lilian canale
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Hi irini, well, I also found that weird
Then, what would be an acceptable wording for that line?

CC: irini

12 September 2009 14:48

Number of messages: 849
Lit translation "May you find what(ever) you desire/wish for within the circle of your hands"

Meaning "May you find everything/all you wish for"