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421Translation - English-Ancient greek - Don´t say "I love you". Let me feel it!

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Category Poetry

Don´t say "I love you". Let me feel it!
Submitted by sinisaacim
Source language: English

Don´t say "I love you". Let me feel it!
Remarks about the translation
Utilizaţi acest link dacă nu aveţi tastatură cu caractere româneşti.

Μὴ εἴπῃς „Φιλῶ σε”. Ὀσφραίνεσθαι τοῦτο μοὶ ἐιπέ!
Ancient greek

Translated by Aneta B.
Target language: Ancient greek

Μὴ εἴπῃς „Φιλῶ σε”. Ἂν τοῦτο αἰσθάνωμαι!
Remarks about the translation
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Poll was set by an admin because of the lack of experts in the target language. the translation will be evaluated together with members from our team of experts who master this target language
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18 November 2009 01:06

Number of messages: 849
"Οσφραίνομαι" means "smell" and "λέγω" means "say".
Also maybe we should use imperative for the first sentence?
How about something like "'Έα μέ αίσθεσθαι"?

18 November 2009 07:53

Aneta B.
Number of messages: 4487
Yes you're right! Ὀσφραίνεσθαι = smell. This is because in Polish we use the same verb "czuć, poczuć" when we want to say "smell" or "feel"

Yes it should be "αίσθεσθαι = feel" here, but I suppose we should put it in conjunctive to get "let me feel it"...

Thank you, irini.

18 November 2009 08:18

Aneta B.
Number of messages: 4487
So, I propose: "ἂν τοῦτο αἰσθάνωμαι"
What do you think, irini?

29 November 2009 21:04

Number of messages: 1
who say that miracles happen-moze li ovo na bosanski?

2 December 2009 18:45

Number of messages: 1015
ἂν τοῦτο αἰσθάνωμαι sounds very good!

2 December 2009 21:24

Aneta B.
Number of messages: 4487
Yes, it was my second proposal, Efee. Thank you for the confirmation.
So, I think we are supposed to accept this version:

Μὴ εἴπῃς „Φιλῶ σε”. Ἂν τοῦτο αἰσθάνωμαι!