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Announcements(Number of messages: 3300)
    Announcements from Administrators and Experts, other members can only read this forum.
How does it work?(Number of messages: 827)
    The Cucumis system is not clear for you? Ask here.
Introduce yourself(Number of messages: 3466)
    Maybe the place for your first post?
Learn(Number of messages: 777)
    Post here your thoughts and questions about a specific language. No translation requests.
Language exchange partner(Number of messages: 543)
    Looking for a partner to learn? Ask here.
Job offers and search(Number of messages: 153)
    You are looking for translators, or you are looking for a job, post here.
Your project(Number of messages: 200)
    You have an interesting project which needs to be translated? Describe your project here and maybe the community will help you.
Culture Club
    Good translators are not just simple linguists, versed in the art of choosing the correct verb, gender and syntax, necessary for the construction of a readable phrase in a foreign language. They must also be capable of restoring the same symbolic charge, and of creating the same emotional reaction, in the reader of the translated text, as the original...
Culinary(Number of messages: 90)
    “Tell me what you eat, I’ll tell you where you’re from” – A topic where you can tell us about your national/regional/traditional dish (include a recipe so we can all have a taste).
Dress(Number of messages: 3)
    Traditional dress, National costumes, Ornaments and accessories, Body art (tattoos, scarification…) With photos!!!!
Flora, Fauna & Physical geography(Number of messages: 85)
    Which animals, plants are endemic? Tell us about your landscape.
Proverbs, superstitions, local beliefs(Number of messages: 78)
Sports and Leisure(Number of messages: 118)
    Traditional, local sports, music, instruments, theatre...
Arts de Vivre(Number of messages: 65)
    Housing, handcraft, local know how.
Improvement(Number of messages: 1605)
    Cucumis is progressing according to your suggestions in this forum.
Website translation(Number of messages: 509)
    Discussions about the translations of website, addition of new languages ...
Problem report(Number of messages: 460)
    Cucumis is a young system, we need your bug report.
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