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How does this site work? Will I have to pay?
You don’t have to pay. Cucumis is a site where volunteers translate texts because they like translating and they are keen to help. If you speak more than one language, why not join us and help others! When you have done a translation and it is accepted, you will earn points. IMPORTANT: Please translate only texts you understand well and only translate into a language you speak very well.

I don’t have any points! Can I still get my text translated?
Yes, you can still submit a text for translation. You will end up with negative points. After 10 days, these will be topped up so you are back to 0 points. If you don’t have any points, long texts may not be accepted. You can try to earn some points by translating or wait until your points have been topped up before you submit the second part of your text.

I have registered but the site won’t allow me to translate. What’s wrong?
After registration, you will only be allowed to translate into your mother tongue (only one language) for three days. After this, you can change your preferences and translate other language combinations too.

Why did my request or translation get rejected?
Probably because the request didn’t comply with our rules. Please read these before submitting another request or translation. Don’t submit a text that was rejected a second time. It will just get rejected again. Please note that you should use the appropriate script both to request a translation and to translate (don’t use Latin characters to translate into Russian or Japanese).
Also, stick to the source text as closely as possible when translating. Any remarks or explanations should go into the comments field, NOT into the translation field.

How can I cancel a translation I have requested?
If the translation has not been done yet, go to the request (click on your name at the top of the page; then click on ‘requested translations’ in the menu on the left) and click on the target language you want to cancel. Now you will see a blue button saying ‘delete’.

Why do all these people comment on my translation?
Two main possibilities:
1. The expert has some suggestions to make the text sound more natural in the target language.
2. The expert who is evaluating your translation has set a poll to ask other members their opinion about the translation. They are only suggesting improvements; they are not saying your translation is wrong! We try to help each other and learn from each other.

What is a poll?
Very often, the expert in the target language who is evaluating the translation doesn’t speak the source language. A translation from Russian into English for example, will be evaluated for someone who speaks English at the level of a native speaker, but he or she may not speak Russian. The expert will first make sure the English text is grammatically correct and of a good quality. He or she will then ask other members if the meaning is the same as that of the original Russian text.

I have discovered a mistake in my translation but I can’t edit anymore. Why not?
The translation has been approved or rejected, or a poll has been set. Contact the expert who has done this, or if a poll has been set, leave a message under the translation.

I have been waiting for ages and I still don’t have my translation. What is going on?
You may have requested a translation in an unusual language pair. For example, very few people worldwide speak Italian and Nepalese. A possible solution is to add English to the requested languages. That way, with a bit of luck, someone will first translate your request into English and then someone else can translate it from English into Nepalese.
Sometimes, we do have the translators, but they have not seen your request yet. We are all volunteers so any request may take some time.
Another possibility is that we simply don’t have translators on the site who speak the source or the target language. In that case we can’t help you

What is a bridge?
If the expert can’t find any members to help out in the evaluation of a translation, he or she can ask an expert in the source language for help. The bridge is an unofficial translation, usually into English, to help get the meaning of a text or to help evaluate a translation. Only experts and power-cucumers (active, much valued members) should be asked to provide bridges.

My question is not there
Have a look on the Forum. Can't find it there either? Ask an expert or administrator for help. If you ask us nicely, we'll try to help!



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Hi Pedro Igor Mantoan, I can delete your profile but I can't change your account name. Do you want me to delete your profile? After that you can (if you want) create another account. Just tell me and I'll do that.

You're welcome!

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