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166原稿 - 英語 - Only God Can Judge Me

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Only God Can Judge Me
原稿の言語: 英語

Only God Can Judge Me
2006年 2月 20日 16:33



2009年 3月 13日 10:22

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S.O.S., giuliaclo, kumarsubbhash_22 and petra123, please use the "translate" button, but please do not post translations from this text in the discussion area, thank you.

I removed the requests for Bosnian and Latin, as this text was already translated into these languages.

2009年 10月 19日 22:17

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I have a question: is it admissable to post the translation of a text into a rare language as Telegu or Sanskrit, etc., which I do not know, for which I can provide a reliable link as being the source for the translation.

I've found the translation of "Only God can judge me" into some of the languages requested

Thank you.

2009年 10月 20日 14:53

投稿数: 12387
Well, this is an excellent question, and I'm very grateful you asked it!

If no expert can validate the translation, you still can translate and add as many details as possible in the remarks field, with copy-paste from the urls from the source; and precise you didn't translate the text by yourself.
But it won't be validated, it will stay in the "translations to be evaluated" page, waiting for an expert to validate it.

CC: lilian canale jp

2009年 10月 23日 17:15

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@Tzicu-Sem, you are tolking about the very common requests that we get here and that can be found on otherwebsites as well. If you are pretty sure the source of your translation is OK, you can submit here to but add a comment to tell where you get the translation.