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Category Thoughts - Culture

Bonne nuit mon ami
Submitted by PAUL711
Source language: French

Je te souhaite une bonne nuit, mon ami

Bonam noctem, amice mi.

Translated by alexfatt
Target language: Latin

Bonam noctem tibi opto, amice mi.
Last validated or edited by Aneta B. - 7 September 2010 19:02

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7 September 2010 18:48

Aneta B.
Number of messages: 4490
Hi Alex!

"Te bene quiescere cupio..."

I'm afraid you interpreted this French text too much "on your own". No "licentia poetica" this time, dear!

Wouldn't be better to say "Bonam noctem tibi opto?"

7 September 2010 18:52

Number of messages: 1542

Thanks Aneta!

7 September 2010 19:01

Aneta B.
Number of messages: 4490
No problem.
Because we had to change your translation quite a lot, I'll accept it without rating, dear.
But, next time try to convey the source text more precisely, ok?
You sometimes can make your own interpretations while translating some text like poems or some proverbs, but the meaning have to be the same all the time. Can you see?

7 September 2010 19:53

Number of messages: 1542
Of course, Aneta.
Thank you again.

7 September 2010 23:50

Number of messages: 12407
Oh? When I saw Alex's first translation, I thought it was a lot better than the one I would have given, but as maybe you could notice, what PAUL711 intially submitted was the title (that has no verb in it). As usual, I've set the translation request in stand-by, as it was breaking our 4th rule, so I suggested the requester to add one conjugated verb and left the initial text as the title when I released the request. The actual form of the translated text probably better suits what PAUL711 was willing to get, but Alex's first version was definitely of a higher level, it would be nice to have it in the remarks field, don't you think pani profesor

8 September 2010 09:08

Aneta B.
Number of messages: 4490
Hm, but "Te bene quiescere cupio..." means sth quite different: "I want you have a good rest" and I'm afraid it doesn't convey THIS French version ABOVE. It is totally different, because "a rest" I can have even during a day... Am I wrong, Francky?

8 September 2010 11:49

Number of messages: 12407
Ah ok! (I thought "cupio" would also have this "wishing" meaning). So you are right Aneta!