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Terms of use
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Език, от който се превежда: Английски

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Caithfidh tú na tearmaí úsaide a léiriú, led thoil.

Преведено от Dewan
Желан език: Ирландски

Caithfidh tú na tearmaí úsaide a léiriú led thoil.
Забележки за превода
'valdate' I have used 'léireigh 'to clarify'
'Cruthaigh' - to prove.. might also be appropriate.
За последен път се одобри от lilian canale - 24 Май 2009 14:31

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22 Май 2009 19:16

lilian canale
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Dewan, again:
Translations in the field of messages are not allowed, please,
In order to submit a translation properly, you must click on the blue Translate button above and write your translation on the page that will appear.

The blank field at the bottom of this page is intended for posting remarkable comments concerning the translation or the original text.

23 Май 2009 14:58

Общо мнения: 44
Hi Lilian, Many thanks for helping me. I've had a look at one of your translations and would like to discuss it with you.
I've tried to add my version of a translation but don't know where or how to help.
Thanks again, I've enjoyed doing a little translation last evening.
John (Dewan)

23 Май 2009 15:26

lilian canale
Общо мнения: 14972
Hi Dewan,
It takes a while to get used to the site and its features, but I'm sure you'll feel comfortable and helpful after interacting with us for a couple of days
We look forward to your translations, I bet you'll soon become a valuable member.
I don't know what translation you're talking about, but I'll be glad to discuss it with you, just copy the link and we can talk, OK?

Welcome to!