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Hi everyone, I'm traduxxi!

I've been passionate about languages all my life, I love traveling and getting to know new people and places - and it just continues to amaze me how every new language opens up a completely new world.

I'm a translator and interpreter for German > Spanish and French - and these last years I have also become involved in translation research. I’ve always been fascinated with the question of how the digital age shapes translating, which somehow led to my current work on a PhD thesis on participatory translation in online communities at the University of Vienna. Cucumis will be a very important part of my research. It seemed like the ideal platform to explore because its principles of self-organization and sharing are rather unique (and because it has actually been a wonderfully busy place for over a decade). If anyone would like to contribute and share their experiences and Cucumis stories, I'd love to hear from you!

If you want to know more about my research project, please feel free to contact me at any time (here on Cucumis or at and to check out my work at:

I will also be looking into the public forum contributions and probably quote examples from them in my work (anonymously, of course!). However, if there is anyone who doesn’t want me to refer to any of their public postings in my writing, they can just write me a short message and I will of course make sure to omit any direct quote.

Hope to see you around! :-)