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12 Tetor 2008 21:32  

love ahmed
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مرحبا انا احمد
عربي اقيم في سوريا
ارغب بالتعارف

12 Tetor 2008 22:28  

love ahmed
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اهلا بك ويسعدني سماع ذالك
اذا احببت اي مساعدة في الترجمة انا حاضر للمساعدة


13 Tetor 2008 00:15  

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Fico contente com o teu (tua?) entusiasmo!

Vamos trabalhar!

Usas tradutor para escrever em português?
Podes escrever em Espanhol: Eu entendo bem!
Eu digo isto porque a tua frase:
"obrigado muito para esta mensagem cara mim"
"Muito obrigado. Esta mensagem foi muito cara para mim"

É assim: eu ajudo, tu ajudas, nós vencemos!
Se todo o Mundo fizesse isso, estavamos em PAZ = Kedamaian (em indonésio)...

Como se coloca imagem na mensagem? Eu não sei...
Gostei muito de ver aqui o Cucumis!


31 Janar 2009 21:53  

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Hi merhaban how are you i hope youre well. i want something from you. May you send me 1000 point for very importand myself for some operation because i cant speak any language please. good day.

12 Mars 2009 20:25  

lilian canale
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Hi marhaban, wants to thank you for the valuable contribution you gave us in the past performing expert's tasks, however as the site has been growing fast lately, the administration of it has defined some new management procedures which are being implemented.
We noticed your long inactivity on the site, so we want to inform you that from now on, our expert list will be made up by a limited number of experts who are active and while they are available.
We understand that for being a volunteer work we can't demand for a long time full-time dedication from our team of experts, therefore we will substitute those who are no longer available in order to maintain the site working.
We are sure you understand and we hope we'll count on you when you have some free time again.
Best regards,
The Cucumis Team


29 Mars 2010 20:52  

lilian canale
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Please Marhaban, submit your translation from this page

25 Janar 2012 13:08  

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Hi marhaban

Could you have a look at this translation please? I don't have a lot of votes.
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