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es esy toso kairo? Ti ginesai vre paidi mou?...
Υποβλήθηκε από dfieraru
Γλώσσα πηγής: Ελληνικά

es esy toso kairo? Ti ginesai vre paidi mou? Apolythikes? Apolyesai syntoma? Pisteyo oti einai o kairos sou tora opou na'nai. Paei ki ayto! Ante kalos politis tora, me mia kali douleia kai mia kali kopela! Ypotheto pos gomena einai sto paixnidi gi' ayto eksafanistikes.... Ki an den einai akomi, tha vgeis "peinasmenos" gia kopelles apo to strtopedo! Kai leo gia kopelles (polles) giati opos leei ki o Fanis "Apo 3 ki epano! H mia mono dimiourgei provlimata". Xa-xa!

Where have you been for so long?

Μεταφράστηκε από irini
Γλώσσα προορισμού: Αγγλικά

Where have you been for so long? How are you mate? Are you discharged? Are you being discharged soon? I believe that you are about to around now. That's done! Hey, Ι wish you "good civilian" from now on, with a good job and a good girl! I suppose that there's a chick involved and that's why you disappeared... And if there's none yet, you will get out of the camp "hungry" for girls! And I say "for girls" (many) because as Fanis says "From 3 and upward! Only one causes trouble". Ha-Ha
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The first word, "es", doesn't mean a thing. Judging from the context it is with almost 100% certainty Που (poy) which means "where" or something similar. The expression it is part of is more or less fixed.

The whole text is rather colloquial and makes abundant use of slang. I have done my best to keep as close to the original as possible but I thought it best to change some of the slang expressions. Contact me if you wish for a verbatim translation (no need to post yet another request since it would be my fault I haven't provided one)

All Greek men have to spend some time in the army.
After they serve the alloted period of time they are discharged from the army; this is when their "time is up" (General expression which means that it's the right time for something to happen).
In the army they stay in well, camps obviously :)
When someone is discharged it is customary to wish to him "Good civilian", with "civilian" being of course opposed to being part of the army.

"from 3 and upwards" means you have to have at least 3 girls. I have no idea who this Fanis is.
Τελευταία επικύρωση ή επεξεργασία από irini - 27 Οκτώβριος 2006 16:30