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Engleski Tantine Donation
Tantine, expert and moderator of the free translation community (, has been fighting against cancer for years. She has a tight budget for medical treatments, so she opens the donation link (, and everyone who has a Visa or MasterCard credit card may help her, in whatever amount from cents to euros/dollars.
If you do not have a credit card, you may also contact her directly to see what you can help.

Happy New Year 2015!

Tantine's Blog:

Tantine's Facebook:
Please disseminate this information to your world.

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Španjolski Donación para Tantine
Brazilski portugalski Tantine Doação
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Ovaj zahtjev za prijevodom traži "Samo značenje".
Bugarski Честит Ти Рожден Ден
Вярвай в трудните моменти,
смей се, когато тъжиш.
Лесно е главата да отпуснеш,
трудно е да победиш.
Животът казват е игра,
в която все някой побеждава.
Ако наистина е така,
да победиш ти пожелавам!
Честит рожден ден!

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Francuski Joyeux anniversaire
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Španjolski Hola: Soy una usuaria de esta pagina desde hace...
Soy una usuaria de esta pagina desde hace tiempo y,finalemente,me decidi a dar la cara y a crear un perfil aqui.
No estoy verificada ni lo voy a estar.Ya he recibido algunos mensajes acusandome de fake y de otras lindezas.Podeis intentar buscar mis fotos en internet,utilizando las muchas herramientas que hay para tal fin.
Tengo un perfil en facebook,pero no lo voy a poner aqui,asi que si me encontrais alli,TACHAN! Os habreis llevado un premio!!!.

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Francuski Salut! Je suis membre de...
Engleski Hi! I've been a user on this page
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Ruski Все на благо мне!
Все на благо мне!
Нидерландский язык

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Talijanski Tutto a mio pro!
Francuski Tout est pour mon bien!
Engleski Everything is for my sake!
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Francuski Tu et magnifique Marion !! jai voulu te le dire...
Tu et magnifique Marion ! je voulais te le dire mais jais jamais trouver le moment pour !! alors je te le dit dans ce message je t'aime

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Portugalski Para uma pessoa maravilhosa
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Ovaj zahtjev za prijevodom traži "Samo značenje".
Talijanski Amore mio sei profondamente nel mio cuore sei...
Amore mio sei profondamente nel mio cuore sei tutto cio di bello che la vita mi ha regalato.

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Ruski Любовь моя, ты в глубине моей души
Esperanto Amo mia...
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Engleski On Time (Milton)
FLy envious Time, till thou run out thy race,
Call on the lazy leaden-stepping hours,
Whose speed is but the heavy Plummets pace;
Poésie de John Milton, trois premiers vers pour ne pas se décourager. Aucune traduction trouvée sur la toile et tant de possibilités de faire un contre-sens avec mon anglais technique. Et pourtant, quelle richesse.

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Francuski A l'heure (Milton)
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Ovaj zahtjev za prijevodom traži "Samo značenje".
Turski heyecanlandırma bizi tek tek anlat
heyecanlandırma bizi tek tek anlat

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Njemački Rege uns nicht auf. Erzähle es in Einzelheiten.
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Latinski inde redire negant
inde redire negant

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Francuski Ils refusent de revenir de cet endroit.
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Engleski namoWoman : In between worlds of sexualities, dualities and tonalities
By recreating themselves, artists transcend their time and place and now Salim has endeavored to overlook the life in his hometown, Tehran, by composing his 6th album, namoWoman. An instrumental avant-prog and prog metal album, namoWoman hires microtonal Persian music influences while introducing a newly constructed language (conlang) named "l3abEl" (pronounced Babel) in which the album’s booklet is written.

Salim is a man of extremities while always seeking reconciliation and harmonization among the most remotely contradictory elements. So developing as a rock/metal artist in a rock alien environment in his hometown or expressing himself by personalized mediums like a conlang of his own, all come natural to his lifestyle. In his 2012 album, Salim has hired an expressionist microtonal approach toward art rock/metal that he describes himself as "empty spaces filled with occasional wild electric guitars and expressive melodies while having oriental dance elements undercover".

About the concepts behind namoWoman composition, Salim says "I have always found the assumption of impossibility an important trick against my mind – a human mind that usually prefers patterned and inductional methods of cognition." Salim adds: "As an artist, creating and experimenting with yet unexplored mental realms has always fascinated me and in order to trick my mind into pushing toward new possibilities, I like experimenting around fundamental concepts like human sexuality. Ideas like considering human sexuality beyond its dualistic nature let me to enter a new mindset and fascinations about worlds of non-Carbon based life, gradually fed my creativity for namoWoman. Maybe I can say this mindset forced my mind to respond on vital levels and challenge its own existence…"

The album cover features Carvaggio’s painting of Medusa, which according to Sigmund Freud is "the supreme talisman who provides the image of castration". Salim says: "namoWoman cover design is a symbolic representation as if the way of transforming dualistic conceptuality passes through castrating one’s sexual identity and reconstructing it anew. All songs in this album appear as perspectives of such creative realms".

Here, Persian music quarter tones are coming in between western music intervals – as Salim has outlined in a music theory article on his website, "Persian Modes: Reading Between the Lines of Western Music". While quarter tones harmonize namoWoman album’s musical language, the l3abEl conlang accompanying its booklet tries to establish the harmony in realm of words.

namoWoman is available in digital and CD format at

namoWoman is the name of a music album

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Španjolski namoWoman: Entre mundos de sexualidades, dualidades y tonalidades
Brazilski portugalski namoWoman : entre mundos de sexualidades, dualidades e tonalidades
Francuski namoWoman : entre sexualité, dualité et tonalités
Ruski namoWoman: В перерывах между мирами сексуальности, двойственности и тональности.
Njemački namoWoman: Zwischen Welten aus Sexualitäten, Dualitäten und Tonalitäten
Nizozemski namoWoman: tussen werelden van seksualiteiten, dualiteiten en tonaliteiten.
Rumunjski namoWoman: Între lumile sexualităţilor, dualităţilor şi a tonalităţilor
Turski namoWoman : Cinsellik, ikilik ve tonalite dünyaları arasında
Švedski namoWoman : mittemellan världar av sexualitet, dualism och toner
Poljski Pomiędzy światami seksualności, dwuznaczności i tonalności
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Francuski Une vie un amour
Ne rêve pas ta vie,
Vis tes rêves

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Talijanski una vita un amore
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Ovaj zahtjev za prijevodom traži "Samo značenje".
Pojednostavljeni kineski 于是,就 有 几 十 束 花 献 给 她,花 太 多 了,她 都 抱 不 住 了
于是,就 有 几 十 束 花 献 给 她,花 太 多 了,她 都 抱 不 住 了
C'est surtout la fin de la phrase que je ne comprends pas : 她 都 抱 不 住 了

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Francuski Pour cette raison...
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Tajlandski เก่งๆ เว้าได้ตั้ง 2 ภาษา
เก่งๆ เว้าได้ตั้ง 2 ภาษา

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Engleski Good, good, you can speak 2 languages.
Danski Nå da,du kan tale 2 sprog.
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Brazilski portugalski São lindos seus olhos.
São lindos seus olhos.

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Norveški Øynene dine er vakre.
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Engleski Free Data Conversion
If you want us to add Excel format of any data or information at our website then please let us know by filling a form at

We can scrape/extract data using latest technologies and convert it into useful formats like PDF, CSV etc.

It'll take around a week for data processing and we'll revert to you with free data format. So don't forget to leave your email id.
We offer free services to convert file formats to different one. Like html web page to pdf file or Excel to PDF etc.

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Španjolski Conversión de datos gratis
Francuski Conversion de données gratuitement
Ruski Бесплатное преобразование данных
Njemački Kostenlose Daten-Konvertierung
Danski Gratis Data Conversion
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Turski Siparişinizin hazırlanıp
Siparişinizin hazırlanıp, kargoya verilmesi için;
Alışverişinizin toplam tutarını belirtilen hesap numarasına Havale/EFT yapmanız gerekmektedir.
İşlem açıklaması kısmına Sipariş Kodunuzu ve Fatura bilgilerinde yer alan Adı Soyadı bilgisini eklemeyi unutmayınız.
26.07.2013 12:00'a kadar havale işlemini gerçekleştirmeniz gerekmektedir.
Bu tarihe kadar havalesi ulaşmayan siparişler sistemden düşecektir.

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Danski Din ordre er forberedt
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Perzijski اضافه وزن بيش از اندازه ، هر روز ، بار سنگينى را...
اضافه وزن بيش از اندازه ، هر روز ، بار سنگينى را به بدن شما تحميل مى‏كند. هر يك از دستگاه‏هاى بدن بايد بيشتر و بيشتر كار كند. اضافه وزن به معناى داشتن مقدار اضافى هر يك از اجزاى تشكيل دهنده بدن ، از جمله ماهيچه ، استخوان ، چربى و آب است. چاقى منحصرا به داشتن ميزان اضافى چربى اطلاق مى‏شود. ممكن است ورزشكاران و افرادى كه به بدنسازى مى‏پردازد ، بدون داشتن چربى اضافى و تنها با افزايش ميزان عضلات خود ، به چاقى مبتلا شوند.

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Danski Overdreven overvægt pålægger tung belastning.....
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