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Onyrix is the second transformation the fairies Winx acquire in "World of Winx". In order for a fairy to earn Onyrix, she must earn Dreamix first. Then the Spirit of the World of Dreams grants her Onyrix.

In Season 2, the Spirit of the World of Dreams transports the fairies Winx to the World of Dreams, and they find themselves in their Onyrix form. Onyrix is the evolved form of Dreamix.

The fairies wear jumpsuits in colors that stray from their standard theme colors, flowery belts around their hips, a pair of stilettos in matching color, earrings, and necklaces. The jumpsuit consists of a long flared sleeve top and flared pants with slits on both knees. Several cutouts on the jumpsuits are covered and connected to the jumpsuit by translucent fabrics. The hair is often braided or tied into a ponytail. The jewelry is often pear-shaped or flower-shaped with colors matching the colors of the flowers on the belt. The wings are medium-sized, multi-layered, vibrant, and colorful.
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