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अंग्रेजी good morninig How are you? Finally we have...
Good morning
How are you?

Finally we have some overhere and I'm very pleased.
Just to let you know, if you had in mind to contact me, I'll be out of this site as from 8 June. Have a nice day.

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फिनल्यान्डी hyvää huomenta Kuinka sinä voit? Viimeinkin meillä on...
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अंग्रेजी Dear Sisters,
Dear Sisters,

These last few hours i've been thinking a lot about all of us, and though mu heart feels heavy with sadness, for the history that Papa and I had, in a way i am happy that you four great girls have walked with him the last mile.

God bless you all, my sisters.
This is a text for my sisters that live in Suomi

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