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Страна ‎Швеция
Год рождения1966
Первое посещение10 Июль 2007
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Основной язык ‎Шведский Шведский
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Who is Porfyhr?

Well to begin with a latin quote that I cherish:

Ego sum qui sum


And a swedish poem that I love:

Jag är inte
en schlager.
Jag råkar bara
handla om samma saker.

/Kristina Lugn

eng translation:

I'm not
a pop song.
I just deal with
the same trivialities.

/Kristina Lugn

Regarding my Norwegian, I'm fluent in Bokmål and I do have a proper knowledge in Nynorsk. If you don't know that Norwegian is actually two different languages: Nynorsk and Bokmål, then I'll show you an example to elicit the difference.
Eng: How are you?
Bokmål norwegian: Hvordan går det?
Nynorsk norwegian: Korleis gjeng det?

The Nynorsk is originally the elder Norwegian but the name Nynorsk, "New Norwegian", is therefore a bit confusing. It is a minority of the Norwegian people that speaks Nynorsk. Norwegian as well as Swedish do have a lot of very different dialects, in general they are just expressed in spoken language.

The "strange characters" in Swedish and Norwegian alphabet are:

Sw: å Å, ä Ä, ö Ö
No: å Å, æ Æ, ø Ø

Finally my avatar is the royal court seal from the union of Sweden and Norway in 1814-1905.