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16 Вересня 2008 09:36  

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Bonjour Monsieur JP!

Nouvel Adhérent à Cucumis , je ne voulais pas vous contacter avant d'avoir "fait le tour" de CUCUMIS ,comme vous le suggériez. Maintenant que c'est fait, je tiens à vous exprimer ma gratitude et ma haute considération à vous, à toute l'équipe
d'administrateurs , aux experts et sans aucun doute aux autres personnes s'occupant de Maintenance pour les efforts que vous faites pour la bonne marche et l'amélioration de CUCUMIS que nous constatons de visu de jour en jour.
Vous pouvez compter sur mon éventuelle collaboration bénévole au sein de CUCUMIS!


22 Вересня 2008 16:59  

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JP, this text of this message is total bullshit:

Если ваши изменения утвержены, то вы зарабатываете пункты 149 в около неделях 3

It`s appears when you making [wiki] translation

How can we correct it?

26 Вересня 2008 20:05  

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Questo e l'url:

La traduzione è stata valutata dall'esperto romeno "Iepurica"..però grazie a Francky 5591, che ha rivisitato la traduzione, ha alzato il voto a 9.
Però questo è un piccolo esempio dei problemi che riscontro con i testi brevi e semplici. Vorrei alzare la mia media, ma penso seriamente ad evitare questi testi.

Grazie della tua gentilezza e disponibilità


30 Вересня 2008 22:49  

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Cheers jp!
This is an amazing work you have done here!

4 Жовтня 2008 10:50  

Кількість повідомлень: 2747
Salut jp

Merci pour ton petit message d'encouragement.

T'as vu ce que t'as créé en vérité? Une famille immense, pleine d'amour et d'attention pour les autres.

J'ai peut-être un petit cadeau pour le site. Ca te dit une petite mascotte qui s'appelle Miss Cucumis? Une petite veau qui est n"é juste avant qu'on part pour Marseille. Elle a une tache blanche en forme de coeur sur le front.

Je me disais que l'on pourra l'élire mascotte de cucumis et suivre son évolution à travers les temps.

Je te posterai une photo d'elle tout à l'heure (besoin de l'uploader sur photobucket d'abord et mon modem à vapeur prend un temps fou pour ce genre de choses)

Qu'est ce que t'en penses de l'idée?

Glad to be back here



4 Жовтня 2008 12:44  

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Miss Cucumis


5 Жовтня 2008 12:38  

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Dear JP
I went in Cucumis in August this year and I'm loving everything and everyone!
I entered was in a black stage of life ... And this is what generated the nickname I picked ...
Even now, much better (in large part because of "their" site!) That name no longer makes sense ...
"kedamaian" (peace in indonesian idiom) corresponds better to what I am ...
Could we change?
Very grateful!

6 Жовтня 2008 12:44  

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Merci beaucoup!!!
Many, many thanks!!!
Eternamente grato!!!


13 Жовтня 2008 10:06  

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ho conosciutto un ragazzo italiano, e bravissimo.c'e solo un problemo che io non parlo bene italiano.mi puoi aiutare?

26 Жовтня 2008 13:39  

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Hi. I just wanted to say what a great website you've made here and that your english is good.

26 Жовтня 2008 20:39  

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Hello JP. I have some Turkish/Danish /French and other languages pending and don't want to be napping at the same experts each time though they all are very kind each time I ask for bridges. Personnally I do my best to send bridges as soon as I can, in the languages I master. I think, it would be great if we all could do that, I mean the cucupowers , which makes it faster to translate the maximum of requested translations. Beside there are translators
which aren't neither cucupowers nor experts, but very good in building bridges and I think they should be allowed to give bridges too. This is just my opionion and I would like their opinion. Yours, of course and all the other peoples opinion
working here on cucumis.

26 Жовтня 2008 21:16  

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Please JP. Could you give me the link for the cucu-powers forum? Can't find it, but I must admit that I'm really bad at computers. Mine is not my best friend!!

26 Жовтня 2008 21:27  

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Thanks a lot JP.

30 Жовтня 2008 09:52  
happy new year

2 Листопада 2008 07:00  

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Hi JP,
My translations and debate and the fight is only in the Turkish / Dutch.
I've looked your favorite and you know none of the two languages.
I'm going to assume that you know nothing about.
Then there is about one thing, you're on as a mercenary and you barking at a distance.
Unfortunately, even this kind of people in the world and we look good.
They bark.
(dutch translation to english)

18 Листопада 2008 23:29  

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JP grato pelos 300 pontos.
JP thanks for 300 points.

23 Листопада 2008 00:29  

Кількість повідомлень: 359
Dear JP

In addition to the grounds of my previous request to cancel the account, you can see that my translations are blocked since October ( no evaluation, or comments, or criticisms: Nothing! )
I regret that the people who helped me with the bridges have worked for nothing and that those who asked, did not see the desired results!
Thus, there is no reason that my account is active. I appreciate that it is canceled.

Best regards

18 Грудня 2008 14:55  

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19 Грудня 2008 00:23  

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Hi, jp!

May you merge all Ariadnae's requests into a single one? Thanks!

3 Січня 2009 19:33  

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Hello jp,
I was just wondering about the "expert" status on this website. What are the privileges of experts? How do you become an expert? Thanks.
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