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11 Вересня 2007 05:27  

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je trouve que c'est une très bonne idée de nous faire donner la raison des votes négatifs pour les évaluations, mais je trouve regrettable que lorsqu'un expert rejette une traduction sans passer par les votes il ne donne aucune explication. Ne pourrait on pas de la même maniére les inciter à donner les motifs du rejet.

12 Вересня 2007 09:28  

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Hi jp, regarding this translation: It is a text of a song sung in Napoli dialect, which is actually Italian, in my opinion. Maybe is different from "normal" Italian, as nava characterized it. Can we not change the flag there? In stead of "unknown language" to be also Italian (the translation in "normal Italian" was done already, but no one will evaluated as long as has as source language that infamous "unknown language" )?

13 Вересня 2007 07:20  

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I've got a problem:

I translated wiki into german, but after translation done, the "request" still stays... - How long?
My translation wasn't accepted?

13 Вересня 2007 16:41  

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Hi there Jp,
I received the following message from evulitsa:

Hi Chantal!

My problem is that I speak both Catalan and Spanish, but I cannot translate anything into Spanish because I put Catalan as my preference language. So, I would like to know how can I change this. I mean, would it be possible for me to translate both in Catalan and Spanish? (since they are my mother tongues! I feel a little silly when they tell me I can't translate insto Spanish...)
Thank you so much!
Could you do something about this?

13 Вересня 2007 16:47  

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Thanks for responding. Yes I can translate English, Bengali,Hindi,Oriya and Japanese and vice-versa. Of course I will ask for help if I need.

Thank you once again for responding.

13 Вересня 2007 16:51  

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More I am ready to assist for the same if required. But I know a little how to use this site. Hope you will guide me in this regard.


13 Вересня 2007 17:04  

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Thanks a lot for the infomations and help!! I'm looking forwad on helpeing to this site and translting other texts!!

18 Вересня 2007 05:30  

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Salut jp,

J'ai remarqué sur la page de Urunghai, en mode japonais, que son "néerlandais" était indiqué en tant que l'"italien," dans l'indication qui accompagnait le petit drapeau rond. Cela m'a surpris, alors j'ai vérifié en bas de page où sont les étoiles et, en allant de l'anglais en japonais, effectivement, l'"néerlandais" changeait en "italien."

En japonais, l'italien, c'est


l'néerlandais, c'est


Cette erreur serait-elle partout dans le système et y aurait-il une façon simple de la corriger?
Live, Love, Learn, Teach, Laugh...

18 Вересня 2007 13:58  

Кількість повідомлень: 1671
Salut jp
Tu sais, j'ai ajouté un petit commentaire a cette traduction, mais après j'ai regardé la date, et ça fait presqu'un an que c'est là. Et les deux concernés sont tous les deux venus une fois sur et ne sont jamais revenus...
Alors on la jette?

19 Вересня 2007 18:27  

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Sorry, I underestimated my schoolwork a bit..
I can just translate on this site! but I really don't have time to look after all those english - estonian translations..

I have 32 hours of school a week + I work during saturday and sunday,, I am also having Chinese classes (around 8 hours a week) so I really don't have much time to correct it,,
I am sorry!


19 Вересня 2007 20:46  

casper tavernello
Кількість повідомлень: 5057
Hi JP!
I would like to tell you that the avatars in GIF format (animated or not) are not being displayed for me. It's just a guess, because I don't know if all the avatars are in GIF format.

23 Вересня 2007 10:21  

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Hi JP!

Now I seem to have problem with mail from another one: Rodrigues wrote to me today and wondered why I didn't answer him any more.

It is a very unpleasant feeling that persons feel that I avoid them, and also unpleasant not to receive mails. Please kindly take a look at this problem why I only get some mess.


27 Вересня 2007 16:31  

mastro Jano
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Kion vi deziras demi?

28 Вересня 2007 04:59  

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A suggestion concerning Hebrew translations:

In Hebrew (as well as in French and other languages) there are different forms for male and female.
Many times people ask for Hebrew translations of private correspondence, but do not specify if the speaker and/or addressee are male or female.
Is there a possibility to add such a function so the translations will be correct?

28 Вересня 2007 05:06  

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That's great!
Thank you

1 Жовтня 2007 09:50  

Beto Monteiro
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Hi again, JP!

Since the beginning I've noticed that you're always concerned with the variants of a language, and I think it's really useful and important. Here, as in other translation sites/forums, we have the distinction between Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese, which, by the way, is an established reality. So, I was wondering about the Greek case: there is a huge literature (concerning many subjects or fields) written in Ancient Greek, and many people certainly have a deep interest in it, as they have in Latin, for example. Wouldn't it be useful if we had a distinction between Greek (Modern) and Ancient Greek (normally Classical, but I think 'Ancient' covers it better)? I don't even know if people have already requested translations from Ancient Greek here, but once I transliterated the name Leandro by using my knowledge in Ancient Greek, and that name indeed has its origins far back in time. Anyway, it's just a suggestion.

All the best,


1 Жовтня 2007 14:07  

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Hi Jp,

It was first detected while ı entered cucumis(that's why ı sent you message). Afterwards whenever(more or less) ı enter, it is found again, but especially when ım on my email address that ı use for getting notification messages from

by the way you'r not on my suspects list

Au revoir

7 Жовтня 2007 16:40  

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Hey JP!

How are you?

I just found a mistake. Where it says 'Help for evaluating translations' the 'for' should be left out.. I tried to change it a while ago, but it didn't really work out.


9 Жовтня 2007 12:45  

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See I was the translator of that request you sent me...
Ana (the one who asked for the original translation) wanted to ask me s/th further which I didn't understand (since I don't speak her language). The question she sent me (which I submitted as the text to be translated) was never translated before.
Anyway you can remove it because goncin explained me what she wanted.


10 Жовтня 2007 11:23  

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Hi! i have a question. Who can do [wiki]translations? as far as I understand they are used for site interface. and who will check them? I've looked through some translations made by cucumis members (I mean from English into Russian) and they contain pretty much mistakes both grammatical and punctuation. How to deal with that?
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