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Jag vill bara vara din vän. var inte ledsen. jag...
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Jag vill bara vara din vän. var inte ledsen. jag tycker om dig jättemycket, men kan inte hålla på med två.
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översätt gärna på vanliga bokstäver..


Preveo zciric
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Само желим да ти будем пријатељ.
Не буди тужaн.
Много ми се свиђаш, али не могу бити са двојицом истовремено.
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тужан (m.) - тужна (f.)
са двојицом (with two - m.)- са две (with two - f.)
Admin's note : på "vanliga bokstäver" :
"Samo želim da ti budem prijatelj. Ne budi tužan/tužna.
Mnogo mi se sviđaš, ali ne mogu biti sa dvojicom/dve istovremeno."
Thanks to Zoran, who provided you with a version in Latin characters. ;)
Poslednja provera i obrada od maki_sindja - 9 Decembar 2010 13:23

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22 Avgust 2010 13:59

Broj poruka: 45
jag tycker om dig......
mnogo mi se svidjas, a ne volim te...

22 Avgust 2010 19:32

Broj poruka: 8104
Hej justmehere

Vad är problemet? Du kallade på admin...

22 Avgust 2010 22:38

Broj poruka: 12407
Maybe the requester does not read cyrillic

CC: zciric

24 Avgust 2010 17:32

Broj poruka: 91
I thought that the 'receiver' of the message would understand the problem and he/she will now which gender exactly to put in the sentence.

But, down here there is the same comment
also in the English... for the requester.

"Because in the English original-text there are no one mention of the message-writer's gender, in this Serbian-translation I put the words for both genders."

I hope this will help now.


24 Avgust 2010 22:53

Broj poruka: 12407
Hi zciric!
I did this remark because of what the requester left under the Swedish version ("översätt gärna på vanliga bokstäver.." I think it means she would like the translation to be typed in a script she can understand (notably the same as she's currently using : Latin script)

I already submitted her remark above to the google translator, as I don't understand Swedish, and I've first been mistaken by the result gooogle translator gave me. It said "translate well in cursive script", and I thought "what the hell is this requester asking for?" then Pia helped me to understand the meaning from this remark justmehere did (you can see it under the original text)

25 Avgust 2010 12:56

Broj poruka: 8104
Franck... I must have a short memory!! Had forgotten that when asking Justmehere why she asked for an admin. She has not been online lately, but that's most probably the case, she would like to have it written with latin letters. (Maybe it could be done as a note in the remarkfield)

25 Avgust 2010 13:39

Broj poruka: 12407
Hehe, probably you saw many other texts and/or translations in the meanwhile, as you're one of our hardworkers here at cucumis! So never mind, dear!

There's a saying in French that tells : "On ne peut pas être à la fois au four et au moulin" (which means" one can't be at the oven and at the mill at the same time"

3 Septembar 2010 10:08

Broj poruka: 91
Is this still actual?

Anyway... here is the text with latin letters:

Samo želim da ti budem prijatelj.
Ne budi tužan/tužna.
Veoma te volim, ali ne mogu biti sa dve/dvojicom istovremeno.


3 Septembar 2010 10:46

Broj poruka: 12407
Hi Zoran!

Well, I don't know about Serbian, I've always heard the official way it reads was in cyrillic, but besides that, Latin alphabet was used very currently by more and more people in Serbia. And when I arrived here at cucumis, I could notice nearly all the translations that were done into Serbian, were typed in Latin characters.

Moreover, the cucumis interface in Serbian uses Latin characters.

What is your opinion about the way Serbian should read?

BTW, thanks for the version in Latin characters you posted, I guess the requester will appreciate!

Have a nice day!

CC: zciric

6 Septembar 2010 23:51

Broj poruka: 91
The official alphabet for the Serbian is Cyrillic.

But, yes, for us there is no problem at all to read and use also the Latin alphabet here in Serbia. We can read both of them...

OK. Because it is mostly used the Latin 'version' of the Serbian language here in Cucumis, I'll also continue in that 'Latin' way.