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First news, good news!

13 יולי 2005
Cucumis have been online for 3 days, and I'm glad that almost everybody seems to like it!

First of all I want to thank Aleid from the Netherlands, who has been a great help on improving the english texts and translating the whole website into dutch, with the help of HB10.
Secondly, the german team leaded by Rumo, mare76 and leBleu, has completed the translation of in 3 days. Thanks to all of them! Turkish, greek, spanish, polish and chinese teams are progressing fast too.

One of the problem detected by Rumo is the english "you" which can have different meanings. It's corresponding on to the formal and singular "you".
I noticed too a recurrent problem with the punctuation. When a sentence to be translated is not ending with a point, you may not add a point in the corresponding translation. I know all sentences should end with a point but for websites, we need sometime to join texts together, and a point would disturb.

Coming soon :
- Possibility to send personal messages to registered users
- Start discusions on each translation
- A FAQ for the עזרה section

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18 יוני 2007 16:47

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Excusez-moi Iepurica, mais je ne suis d'accord avec la traduction de mon dernier article, que j'ai faite ce matin. Je n'ai JAMAIS écrit "Jolie nana"!!!
C'est vrai, j'ai omis le titre; la traduction exacte du titre est "Des mots". Le reste, j'estime que c'est juste, même si le texte en roumain est assez ambigu.

Bien à vous,

10 פברואר 2008 01:29

suzanna martins
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Na página como sugestão de tradução consta uma poesia de minha autoria. Gostaria que fizessem a gentileza de corrigirem dois erros de digitação e que fossem me dado os créditos.
Me sinto lisonjeada pela escolha.
Muito obrigada.
Suzanna Martins