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The texts used on, can be customized and formated following a specific syntax. Wiki articles, texts to be translated, translations and forum messages follow the same rules which are described below with one example for each syntax.

External link. The page will open in a new window
•• Google
•• [url=]Google[/url]
Internal link. The page will open in the same window. There is a code [link=...] for each page of, that can be found at bottom of pages. It is strongly advised to use the internal links as they keep the browsing language of the visitor!
•• Translation homepage
•• [link=t__]Translation homepage[/link]
User link. The user id can be found on the profile page of the user.
•• cucumis
•• [userid=1]
Image. Note that the text will be displayed as an alternative image description for text only browsers.
•• logo
•• [img=] logo[/img]
Floating image. The writings surrounding the image are displayed close to the image.
•• logo
bla bla bla bla
bla bla bla bla
•• [flimg=] logo[/flimg]
bla bla bla bla
bla bla bla bla
•• This is a note
•• [note]This is a note[/note]
•• Bold text
•• [b]Bold text[/b]

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