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Happy new year 2007!

29 Joulukuu 2006
A long time since my last post!
There is so much to tell! I will try to do it as quick as possible.

A nice article about cucumis was written by Mickael Arrington founder of the famous techcrunch blog reviewing the new web 2.0 products. Despite the article was quite incomplete about what we are doing here, it was very useful to reveal Cucumis to the entire world. Hundreds of blog articles were posted after this article, Cucumis was even featured on Finnish and French television. I've read many of those articles (those I can understand) and I was very pleased to see that most of the writers who tested the service was very satisfied by the quality of the translations we do here. Congratulations to all translators and, of course, to the great team of experts.

Now the new features.

This is new :
- Until now, cucumis was not designed for people who can't speak a foreign language. Now it is! If you can't translate anything, we give you 300 points every 10 day!
- Who is online, charts about new members every day, and country ratio.
- Translation statistics. Looking at the pie chart of the translations to be evaluated, you can view the languages in which we need experts (Norwegian, Hungarian, Hindi, Swedish, Kurdish, Arabic, Korean, Albanian ...).

This is very new :
All members can now add translations in their favorites. You can view the list of your favorite translations from your profile page, and there is also a top favorite translations list.

This is very very new :
When the experts can't understand the source text of a translation, they still can evaluate the linguistic form of the translation but they can't for the meaning. Now, for the evalutations they can't do alone, they can ask for the opinion of all members. According to the informations of your profile, you will be asked now and then to give your opinion on some translations. After collecting enough votes to make up ones mind, the translation is accepted or rejected.

Bye and happy new year to all of you!

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14 Tammikuu 2007 03:14

Viestien lukumäärä: 1257
Hello, jp!

Why don't you submit this news to be translated into Chinese?

I think most Chinese fans here are eager to see the Chinese news.

But When I try to translate this new year greeting, I find no way.


14 Tammikuu 2007 09:18

Viestien lukumäärä: 3785
OK I've just added the request.

14 Tammikuu 2007 09:25

Viestien lukumäärä: 1257

we will share this information in Chinese soon!

25 Tammikuu 2007 16:37

Viestien lukumäärä: 1268
A quando la versione italiana??

29 Tammikuu 2019 08:58

Viestien lukumäärä: 10
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