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영어 Enable Drip Feed Course and Drip Feed Duration.
Enable Drip Feed Course and Drip Feed Duration.
The translation is for the menu of an online english course site. Drip Feed Course, means that the students see the next lesson after x days. X is the drip feed duration.
Thank you.

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루마니아어 루마니아어
27원문 언어27
영어 Not dead ? ! ?
A backend update for cucumis !

Yep I had a couple of hours today to work on a few updates mainly for security matters.

First of all, all site is now in https for security (was done few weeks ago).

Also, passwords used to be stored in clear in database. This is fixed now, passwords are hashed.

And finally a [DELETE SPAMMER] button for admins.

Happy 2019 to all of you!

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프랑스어 Pas mort ? ! ?
덴마크어 Ikke død ? ! ?
스웨덴어 Inte död ? ! ?
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핀란드어 핀란드어
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영어 I work with sound and music, but also with...
I work with sound and music, but also with site-specific sound installations, with wearables, with listening experiences. I like to experiment with found materials and spaces, inventing new artifacts devoted to particular listening modes, new tools to understand and listen to the environments in which we dwell.

Through a site-specific approach, I aim at embedding my intervention within the space, integrating the act of listening (even tactile listening, which means that one listens with one’s body) in the landscape or environment, thus creating listening spots which let us experience spaces from a different perspective.

My works often try to create a hybrid between the natural element, the artificial design or the architectural object and the musical instrument. This practice opens up the path for a reflection about the nature of our living environment, the use we make of it and the architectural planning of the landscape
Contact me for any details about this text.

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핀란드어 핀란드어
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핀란드어 Asioilla on taipumus järjestyä
Asioilla on taipumus järjestyä
Normaalisti näen tekstin kirjoitetun näin:

Asioilla on tapana järjestyä

ja humasin, että noin se on täälläkin kirjoitettu ja käänettykin

Olen käyttänyt lausetta Asioilla on taipumus järjestyä muodossa jo useita vuosia sähköpostin allarissa ja toivoisin siis saavani käännöksen nimen omaan muodssa taipumus eikä siis tapana

latina + brittienglanti + ranskanranska

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프랑스어 프랑스어
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영어 I trust you to kill me
I trust you to kill me
i would like to know the translation for this text, in a correct sentence (aswell in 'Bokmål' and 'Nynorsk')--> the "other language" is "Nynorsk"

Edit: i -> I

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노르웨이어 Jeg stoler
스웨덴어 Jag litar pÃ¥ att du dödar mig.
다른 언어들 Eg lit pÃ¥ at du drep meg.
아이슬란드어 Ég treysti þér til að drepa mig
히브리어 תרגום
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핀란드어 핀란드어