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Submitted by heliodamotta
Source language: Brazilian Portuguese

Muitos sabem muito. Ninguém sabe tudo. César sabe quase tudo.
27 May 2011 14:37

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27 June 2011 00:47

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Olá heliodamotta

[3] LIÇÕES DE CASA SÃO PROIBIDAS. O objetivo do não é fazer o seu dever de casa. Esse tipo de pedido será removido pelos administradores.


27 June 2011 01:50

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I send it in English followed by Portuguese

This is outrageous!

Where you got the idea that this is a homework? And what is this saying that I am quite old to have homework?

There is nothing in my message that may sugest it is a homework or that there is any violation of the rules.

If the above attitude is the usual one I ask you to remopve me from this group. If it was just a misunderstanding I keep waiting for a translation into Latin.

I would really apreciate if any doubts or questioniong about my messages are addressed directly to me and texted in the courteous and civilized way that one expect from people who we suppose to have an intellectual interest in languages.

Helio da Motta Filho
Isto é um insulto!

De onde saiu a ideia de que trata-se de um trabalho de casa? E que história é esta de que eu seja um tanto o quanto velho para ter trabalho de casa.

Não há nada que possa sugerir tratar-se de um trabalho de casa ou qualquer violação das regras.

Se a atitude acima é a usual, retirem-me deste grupo. Se foi apenas um mal entendido continuo aguardando uma tradução para o Latin da frase acima.

Gostaria que, em havendo alguma questão ou dúvida a respeito de minhas mensagens, que elas fossem tratadas diretamente comigo e da forma cortes e civilizada que se espera de pessoas que, supostamente, tem um interesse intelectual em idiomas.

Hélio da Motta Filho

27 June 2011 02:55

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Please don't take it bad, Sr Da Motta, this is indeed a misunderstanding, you'll be willing to excuse us if I tell you there are many "fake grownups" who already tried to have their homework done by us, and our ethic about homeworks is that it definitely does not help a student.
We are sorry again for this misunderstanding, your translation request will be released from the stand-by area and set back to the translation, no doubt some of our latinists will translate it.
Please don't blame our admins who are hardworkers and help us a lot to keep this site at a good level of translation service, like the saying you submitted says : "Many know much. Nobody knows everything. Cesar knew nearly everything.", another saying says "Errare humanum est", you know it happens even to the best to err.

Best regards,

27 June 2011 02:54

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I pointed out it could be homework.
I was suspicious because the saying I know goes like: "Muitos sabem muito, mas ninguém sabe tudo", and the submitted one shows isolated sentences.

The last line, as far as I know, is not part of the saying. That's why I called an administrator to check this page.

It was obviously a mistake and we do apologize.

9 July 2011 02:08

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Your request is translated and accepted -> LINK