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Опис проекту
I have a list of progressively more difficult English sentences with a Polish translation.
I would like these sentences to be translated into as many languages as possible for use as a learning aid.
They should not be translated literally, but the way a native speaker would express the same meaning.
Because of its purpose, accuracy is important.
7 Серпня 2008 23:50
Latin quotes and sentences
Публікацію зроблено Porfyhr
To gather latin expressions, sentences and quotes with their translations into different languages.

- If you think that there are better suggestions, than the one that is nearest the latin expression, then write the correct one in the text field and the other/s in 'comments'.
- use ~ (for approximative translation)
- use = (for equal translation, i.e. if the best translation isn't the one used in common language)

Latin spellings are used in the expressions:Æ, æ, Œ, œ
as used in medieval and early modern Latin.

> Questions, or do you find something wrong. mail me here
> Do you have quotes/expressions you wish to add? mail me here
> Do you wish to contribute to the project? You are more than welcome in any way. mail me here

'Ego sum qui sum'
4 Серпня 2007 15:15
Guide virtuel de Paris
Публікацію зроблено grafikus
Bonjour à tous,

Je réalise mon site internet depuis quelque années. Il a vécu plusieurs aspects graphiques. L’étape suivante est de le traduire en plusieurs langues étrangères et partager ma passion avec le plus grand nombre de visiteurs.

Si vous aussi vous souhaitez donner une petite contribution à ce projet je vous serais tres reconnaissant.

Merci par avance
18 Липня 2007 11:07
Цей проект було створено для того, аби згрупувати постійно повторювані запити в одному місці. Тут ви знайдете популярні фрази, перекладені різними мовами, як-то «З днем народження!», «Щасливого різдва!», «Я кохаю тебе», «Бережи тебе Господь», тощо…

ЗАУВАЖЕННЯ: Переклади часто модифікуються, тому намагайтесь регулярно їх перевіряти!

Я запрошую експертів зі всіх мов перекласти цей текст та надані речення («Всі переклади») і долучитися до роботи над цим проектом, аби своєчасно поновляти його і постійно підтримувати в доброму стані. Дуже дякую.

Якщо ви хочете додати нові речення до даного проекту, запитайте цих людей.
18 Квітня 2007 08:51
Website from English to ... - .
Публікацію зроблено Dren
6 Травня 2007 13:28
Cardiac Cathlab Language Project
Публікацію зроблено retep57
Cardiac "Cathlabs" are a unique environment. Multilingual language skills cans be very helpful. Unlike operating theaters our patients are usually awake. Patients may be in a life threatening situation. Some communication in their own language may very helpful. Xray equipment is used, a sterile "operating theater" type environment exists. This can make it hard or impossible to get a patient to read something. This would really benefit from audio. I want to collect about 24 lines of useful words and phrases for this area of work. Then, once I have text I will find speakers, make recordings and upload them to the net. I have already started at . Please check to see if your language has already been done, or if you can suggest improvements.

Regards peter veitch R.N. Ba Hlth Sc( Nursing)
31 Липня 2007 09:07
Публікацію зроблено SamFR78
Wikizic is an ambitious project intended to build the largest musician's resources virtual museum in the world.
Wikizic is a wiki, a user reviews and pictures database with more than 40.000 instruments, software, artists and albums.

This project contains about 300 words that may need to be familiar with music hardware/software vocabulary (hardware and software category names). Other words and sentences can be translated by anyone

Thanks for your help !
15 Січня 2007 12:48
Turkish Christian News Paper
Публікацію зроблено aquila_trans
Hello Everyone!

I am creating Christian News Paper in Turkey. I want to deliver good news to turkish whom I love. Now I am learning Turkish as well, but also I need TIME! So please put your precious effort on this, you will be rewarded as well.

Thank you
9 Серпня 2007 10:13
Публікацію зроблено SamFR78
Newsburn is a Web 2.0 news aggregator project.

About Newsburn :

Newsburn is both a news feeds aggregator and a personalized home page.
With Newsburn you can :
- Read, search, vote and comment the news topics from more than 100 carefully selected feeds in each country.
- Add your own feeds and share them with other users (Newsburn Worldwide Ecosystem).
- Customize all the page (tabs, countries, date range, categories, feeds) in order to read only what you want to.

All that does not require any subscription, all your page settings are stored in cookies on your computer. You will then find your Newsburn page just as you left it at the time of your last visit.
12 Вересня 2006 11:22
Wordia - Spellic
Публікацію зроблено xamine
Spellic will be (once done) a free online eduaction service.

My vision
My vision is that Spellic sooner or later will be available in most european languages. Until then, only basic information will be available in all languages.
The final work on Spellic is hopefully done this summer. After that, you are all welcome to try it out.

What is Spellic?
The main purpose of Spellic is to help students to learn words in foreign languages.
It also provides a little community where teachers, parents and studends can send messages and share exercises.

At the moment, Spellic uses around one thousand words / phrases / texts on the website.
If you have a website in English that you want to translate into Swedish, and you are a native speaker of some other language than English or Swedish, please send me a message.
I'm sure that we can help each other out to gain a mutual advantage.

Spellic logo

2 Березня 2008 23:59
YouTube project
Публікацію зроблено boracasli

YouTube is a famous video service. I translate YouTube to Turkish, German and French and a bit of Spanish. For other translations, i need an assistant, please!

Bengali and Armenian doesn't include in Cucumis but you can translate it!
23 Січня 2010 21:26
A dictionary contains all translated words in a website
English-انجليزيArabic-عربيFrançais-فرنسيPortuguês brasileiro-برتغالية برازيليةItaliano-ايطاليRomanian-رومانيGermany-المانيSpain-اسبانيPortugal-برتغاليKorea_south-كوريا الجنوبيةHungarian-مـجـري
31 Серпня 2007 14:15
Biocsárda Kft.
Публікацію зроблено hungi_moncsi
Biocsárda Kft. honlapjának fordítása magyarról angolra.
A honlap csak a későbbiekben lesz elérhető.
Témák: éghajlat, talaj, cégtörténet, termesztett növények.
24 Вересня 2009 12:02
trial niels - eBuddy
Публікацію зроблено nverdo
18 Липня 2009 10:11
أمثال - Proverbs
Публікацію зроблено marhaban
proverbs and their translations
24 Вересня 2007 20:19
Dusk and Dawn
Публікацію зроблено kstobbe
I have a small free iPhone app (

I am interested in the marketing mechanisms of the iTunes app store and would like to study the effects of localizing an app. In order to do this I need to have my app translated.

As it is an app, there there is first a section of text that doesn't go in the app itself but on the app store. Then a piece of text that is included in the app followed by a list of words that make up the interface of the app.

Everything inside [ and ] don't need to be translates but is only there to indicate context. The same goes for text inside < and >.

Blocks of text can be translated in blocks, but for single words I need to know which word each translation represents. So for single words please simply type the translation after the original work.

I am very grateful with any help I can get on this project, thank you.

-Kristian Stobbe
2 Лютого 2012 23:21
Публікацію зроблено Math
Iris est un outil de surveillance de pages et de contenus textuels sur internet. Il parcourt des sources et informe le créateur de ces sources en cas de nouveauté, ou d'une mise à jour détectée sur au moins l'une de ces sources.

Les textes à traduire depuis le français sont surtout des expressions courtes destinées à un logiciel en ligne.

NB : depuis la version 7.2, Iris est disponible en téléchargement et n'est donc plus une interface web. Ses fonctionnalités restent identique.

J'envisage de créer une version d'Iris pour la fin de l'année 2007 qui sera plus performante, plus sécurisée, et surtout : une meilleure compatibilité !

Projet Iris.
5 Травня 2006 19:46
Nakba Research
Публікацію зроблено michalharis
There are quite a few extensive resources of information about the horrific situation and history of Palestinians but these archives and campaigns fail to communicate the overall picture to the many uninformed people whose public opinion is needed.

The aim of this project is to translate a few striking quotations with explanations and several witness accounts reported by IFHR Mission from Gaza earlier this year into as many languages as possible
18 Червня 2009 14:57
QuickIM J2ME
Публікацію зроблено quickim
QuickIM is Java based mobile messenger compatible with MSN messenger. It runs on most modern Java phones.

The software can be translated into new languages. To translate the software, simply translate the sentences from English to your own languages. In the sentence, if you see | signs, they are used to force a new line. You should keep them in the translation. computer built sentences still make sense.
5 Лютого 2006 16:53
Публікацію зроблено Math
Bee-rain est/sera un site communautaire permettant d'obtenir des informations et statistiques sur internet.
9 Грудня 2007 12:32
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