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30 Листопада 2006 12:35  

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Hi Jp,

Please help. There is a translation "romence den türkçeye" which states that the source language is Romanian and the target language is Turkish. It is completely opposite. I tried to ask the user, but she doesn't speak English too well, can you switch the languages, please? Thanks

1 Грудня 2006 12:47  

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I saw it, i sent a message for luccaro but I saw that he dont connect for a long time. I will ask to Francky. Thank you...

3 Грудня 2006 02:26  

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U wellcome...
I´m sorry. I forgot one "," and one "r" on the text, and I corrected on the message. Can u edit again, please ?
Como funciona?
Para utilizar os serviços do Cucumis, você tem que ser um usuário cadastrado. Você precisa de pontos para solicitar traduções de textos e ganha pontos quando traduz um texto. Caso não saiba nenhuma língua estrangeira, nós cedemos a você 300 pontos a cada 10 dias, para que possa usar o cucumis (somente quando você se logar ao site e realmente precisar deles).


5 Грудня 2006 11:44  

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je souhaiterais suprimer mon compte, mais je ne trouve pas le lien adéquat dans mon profil...

serait-il possible de me dire où cliquer ?

merci d'avance et bonne journée

6 Грудня 2006 08:12  

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You should have a look to this link.


6 Грудня 2006 16:14  

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Tiens, j'ai trouvé une liste assez étoffée des noms de langues en féringien, ça peut rendre service à l'occasion :

6 Грудня 2006 16:20  

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Moi aussi j'ai fait la connaissance de ce site sur la chaine du câble: Game One ! Et j'en suis très content, il a l'air super ce site !

7 Грудня 2006 10:43  

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Please correct the translation of the word "Latvian" into Ukrainian. It should be translated as Латвійська with the ending -a if we are speaking about the language. For example, Латвійська мова - the Latvian language.

7 Грудня 2006 13:32  

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Hi, Jp. I have a tinny little question. I have asked you once if Bamsa can not be expert for Faroese. It is his mother tongue and, besides, there is also a need for an expert in this language. I doubt there are other users that talk so well this language.
Just let me know if you decide anything.

7 Грудня 2006 14:40  

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Why did you reject my translations in spanish and italian? It is unfair!! You are not Spanish or Italian so how do you know that my translations are wrong?

7 Грудня 2006 17:33  

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I would be interested of becomming finnish expert. That is my native language and there is not currently one. So I think it would good if I would become one.

7 Грудня 2006 20:03  

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Vous avez inverti l'ordre...

9 Грудня 2006 07:27  

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Dear jp,

I'm a postgraduate Chinese major at the university.
You might have noticed that some required translations were avalaible in the language so-called "chinese", but not in "simplified chinese" (or viceversa). the two languages are exactly the same, only written slightly differently due to a reform operated in Communist China in the Sixties. I just wanted to make it easier for chinese speakers, since some of them do not know the others' system very well. But if this happens to be consired as copying or cheatin or whatever, please feel free to tell me!
(Ex. "to hear" in traditional chinese 聼 and in simplified chinese 听, "here" in traditional chinese 這邊 and in simplified chinese 这边)

9 Грудня 2006 07:55  

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Comment faire pour devenir expert ?

10 Грудня 2006 07:57  

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salut je suis nouveaux sur le site je voules ca voire comment ca marche ? merci!!!

Jp!! Help!!! I don't speak French!!!

13 Грудня 2006 06:24  

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Since I now see you're the webmaster...

When I signed up I accidentally chose the flag of India and now the system thinks I know languages I don't know, but I can't figure out how to change it! I should have English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Do you know how I could fix that?

Thank you, and merci.

25 Грудня 2006 17:53  

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Ciao sono Simona ed in questo momento sono un pò imbarazzata...mi sono iscritta per imparare l'inglese e lo spagnolo e volevo chiedervi se sono nel posto giusto (non vorrei fare figuracce!)...ho bisogno di una mano e spero di trovare in voi tutti un sostegno...magari col tempo, chissà, potrei diventare brava!

29 Грудня 2006 14:24  

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Hey, how can I delete this request? Apparently it doesnt seem to make sense to the Russian translators, but I dont have a button to remove it..

31 Грудня 2006 06:44  

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Hello JP
First, Happy New Year!

In Esperanto the letter "x" is not used.
There are programs that read the "x" and make the special letters used in Esperanto like ĝ, ĉ, ŭ etc.(One types gx and the program replaces for ĝ for example).

For that reason it is becoming common in the internet the use of gx, cx instead of ĝ, ĉ, etc. Some people don't have this program and just write as if they had and everyone understands him/her, but it is not very elegant you know.

So, as I have the program, I would like to correct the words in Esperanto that are using the letter "x" if you think that it would'n bring too much problems.


4 Січня 2007 19:56  

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Amigos, li bastante mensagens em ingles e em espanhol, mas poucas em portugues(Brasil). Algúem aí quer aprender o português?
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