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11 Березня 2006 07:55  

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Hi, friend,
can i be ur's friend and can u send me message how can i used this web i'm new usear, so can u send me message .. ass soon as possible

12 Березня 2006 01:12  

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Hi jp, both alphabets are official. Serbians are learning both (alternates weekly) but many prefer latin chars.. RTS (PTC) the serbian tv and other independent channels, like Пинк, are using mainly cyr. - chech РТС Радио Телев. Србие,tp 37, Hotbird satellite - and press is using both, a little bit more cyr.. Street, trade and other signs are also mixed but again more are cyr., so allowing both, will give the right idea of the country. On the other hand, all serbs fully understand latin chars, so excluding cyr. is not a big deal. In this case, the turist will be surprised, by finding unexpected chars all over...
All the best!
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Hi, thanks for your serbian translations. I have a problem with serbian, it can be written with cyrillic and latin alphabet. You chose cyrillic but most of the other translations are using latin. What is your opinion on the subject?

13 Березня 2006 16:35  

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Are only the experts allowed to add new links to the webpage with links for language learning, or can anyone add new links?

And wouldn't it be handy if you put a news item online, telling about it?


14 Березня 2006 22:01  

La Bonne
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Dear JP,
I asked for a translation from Russia in English (or Dutch). It isn't ready yet, but by the "not accepted" translations (instaed of "expensive" it has to be "dearest"do I now know what it means (My dearest Marca) I don't know how to withdraw the asked translation, but thanks for the efforts!
Greetz, Mars La Bonne

17 Березня 2006 18:22  

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Ey jp, I was surfing on Cucumis and I found a project that isn't really a project. On this link( a newspaper article is posted. Isn't that article more appropriate for the translations section???

18 Березня 2006 17:34  

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what else can I help you? what else can I do? thanks have a nice evening in france... adios...

27 Березня 2006 08:25  

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Good day jp,

Im just wondering!! How long it takes to evaluate the translations. So far I translate 36 for Croatian language. I just hope it will be fine!

30 Березня 2006 09:15  

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we have the only original chinese foods in marmaris

1 Квітня 2006 00:27  

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Congratulations to us all at !!!

2 Квітня 2006 10:14  

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مساء الخير ممكن احصل على ترجمة فورية من اللغة العربية الي اللغة البلغارية ؟ وشكرا

5 Квітня 2006 19:19  

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hola JP
I have been invited my friends to use, but how I know they are here?? is there a place I can find them?

8 Квітня 2006 10:41  

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Dear JP.
I request you to reorganize the rules again. I like but i have no sufficient points since December 2005 i have so many translations but no points because of this i am not able to ask translations. When i want to ask translation in many languages it requires so much points. If it would be free, all people would may use cucumis for sharing their ability on languages effectivly. For example me. I want to ask translations but first i have to wait so long for coolecting points. Please help for this circiumstance. Thanks in advance.

22 Квітня 2006 19:22  

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Hi again!
I just wanted to translate something into English, but it asked for an 'expert'.. I saw there are quite a few expert-translations at the moment.. so you might give me the expert status for English as well . (I don't want to be pushy, just want to help you.. )

Thnx in advance! Bye

24 Квітня 2006 06:56  

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Thanks! Oh, and on the English forum it says 'anounces' .. this word doesn't really exist.. it must be 'announcements'

24 Квітня 2006 14:59  

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Dear Jp

I put a comment in a spanish translation, the name of the translation in english is TRANSLATIONS-NON ENGLISH-ACCELERATE please check that, thank you bye bye

25 Квітня 2006 11:01  

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3 weeks ago (more or less) I've done some changes in cucumis italian pages, using the contestual search to find texts in your database.
but they're not still on-line.

are they lost?
or do you need a bit of time more to publish them?

many thanks for your <b>great work</b>!!!

26 Квітня 2006 17:41  

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Hey JP, I was just wondering.. You have some sites where you can find more information about different subjects, but you can only find them by reading about them on the forum.. I can make a list of all these links and try to organise them if you want.. and if you make some kind of page where I can put them..
for example: the links with useful websites, or the list with experts..
And if you need any help with anything you know where to find me!

26 Квітня 2006 19:29  

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Oww.. I'm soo stupid! i didn't even notice it! sorryyy.... :-*

2 Травня 2006 09:34  

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Bonjour JP,

je me suis trompée en évaluant une traduction.
J'ai refusé la traduction de marhaban pour le texte proposé par lofti12 (de l'araba au français) alors que je voulais l'accepter. (La traduction était: "Je n'ai pas de temps pour vous parler".
Je suis vraiment désolée, je suis allée trop vite.
Y aurait-il un moyen de corriger ceci?
Encore désolée et merci pour ton aide.


2 Травня 2006 09:50  

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Je suis désolée je n'y arrive pas, je ne trouve plus la traduction, ni chez Lofti12, ni chez Marhaban...

Merci pour ton aide.
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