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2 Maig 2006 10:08  

Nombre de missatges: 20
J'ai effectivement accès à la liste mais je ne peux que confirmer le refus...

4 Maig 2006 16:31  

Nombre de missatges: 156
my table is not so beatiful...

I've copied tags and codes from the wiki page about "editing text on cucumis". but I expected to have a table with 3 columns with the same width! while the English column, the second one, is thinner than the others... so I had to divide the text of each column into 3 paragraphs, to have a nicer aspect.

every suggestion is welcome

10 Maig 2006 17:55  

Nombre de missatges: 13
meraba ben size ortadoguda konusulan ve giderek onem kazanan bir halkin dilinde ceviri yapmak istiyorum bu dil kurtcedir turkce/kurtce francais/kurde english/kurdish kurdi/fransi,turki;ingilizi;fransi cevabinizi bekliyorum kurtcenin turkiye ve iraktaki lehceleri mumkundur

16 Maig 2006 18:41  

Nombre de missatges: 1
I need english-portuguese(BR) translation.

19 Maig 2006 19:40  

Nombre de missatges: 3
Hi. Could you please add Afrikaans to the language lists as it is my main language. And also Faroese, because I want translations to the language. Thank you.

20 Maig 2006 01:33  

Nombre de missatges: 5
Hi jp, the modification you did today is very cool! very well!

Notwithstanding, I find something annoying, or confusing: when a text that has to be translated is presented, the target language is put before the original one.

According to my perception that's confusing, because we all (we, those who write from left to right) think that what's on the right is coming after that's on the left.

I think the translation presentation would be 100% easier to understand inverting the languages:

source language => requested translation

What do you think about it?

20 Maig 2006 02:30  

Nombre de missatges: 3
I will translate the site's interface as I have time. By the way, I love the site. Good job.

20 Maig 2006 02:48  

Nombre de missatges: 3
Sorry, I didn't read the message right. I would like to translate the website to Afrikaans. And some requests to start off with will be good.

20 Maig 2006 20:37  

Nombre de missatges: 279
Dear JP/
Please translate this new languages from English to Arabic in the language file.
Icelandic / ايسلندي
Afrikaans /أفريقاني
Faroese / فاروسي

21 Maig 2006 15:53  

Nombre de missatges: 43
Hello JP!How are you?Hey,I want to warn you about something.When I choose the Turkish form of this website,I noticed something.As you know,there are languages on the left side of this web-site.Also,I noticed another thing,there's written Brezilyalı Portekizli.It was translated incorrectly.Brazilian Porteguese is Brezilya Portekizcesi in Turkish.

23 Maig 2006 19:46  

Nombre de missatges: 878
Heya JP,
Check this text:

Could you somehow delete this? This is not written in Turkish


24 Maig 2006 17:06  

Nombre de missatges: 878
Thnx! I just saw that the mail we get when we receive a new message isn't correct either...

Je hebt een nieuw bercht van ontvangen

There are some letters missing

Je hebt een nieuw bericht van ontvangen

Seeya around!

27 Maig 2006 22:24  

Nombre de missatges: 15
Just joined the community and was asking myself if it was ok as I'm not a translator. Fortunately, reading the forum I noticed that most people in here are not professionals in this field either. A little bit about myself: my name is Alice and I'm a Japanese Brazilian. As I'm interested in maybe starting some work as a translator, thought then, my skills could help you too. I studied japanese and portuguese at university of São Paulo and lived in Japan for some years. I also know some french and just started with italian. Hopefully can meet new friends here. Thank you.

1 Juny 2006 13:41  

Nombre de missatges: 156
this translation has to be evaluated; but there is confusion between original language and destination language.
so now it's waiting for an English expert, but actually it needs a Turkish expert.
could you correct the mistake?

1 Juny 2006 16:04  

Nombre de missatges: 878

I think they did it the other way round..

2 Juny 2006 08:03  

Lila F.
Nombre de missatges: 159
This is a bad translation, it was corrected by an expert, but it's a very bad translation. It must be translated again. Please, send this translation to the homepage, perhaps another user can translate this word good!

2 Juny 2006 08:45  

Lila F.
Nombre de missatges: 159

3 Juny 2006 11:26  

Nombre de missatges: 1
hi!!comment allez vous j'éspère que vous avez bien je suis amal du maroc et j'ai besoin de votre aide pour bien compendre comment je peus profiter se site je n'ai aucune idée, c'est la première fois que je le visite et voilà mon adress caramail: ou mon adress skype: cat_miaw un autre adress: merci d'avance j'attand la réponce by.

6 Juny 2006 02:49  

Aline Simas
Nombre de missatges: 2
sem problemas

11 Juny 2006 12:42  

Nombre de missatges: 32
this is Lele. I noticed a little mistake in the Italian tanslation of "Kurdish". It should be "Curdo" not "Curda" in the feminine version.
Thanks for your attention.

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