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3 Gener 2006 23:00  

La Bonne
Nombre de missatges: 10
Hi JP (Bonsoir)

Altough my French is not as good as my English..
I read your messages and I hope I did a better job this time with my translation...
Oh, I think that not many people actually translate at least one text is NOT because the interface of "your" site wouldn't be good enough, but I think that people are lazy and don't want to give their energy to other people when it is not nessecary...
Sorry, but humans are not the best species, I'm afraid...
For now I have to say Byebye, because the day after tomorrow I will be off for La Douce France, pour 10 jours, mes vacances ! (Pegomas, Cote d'Azur, pas mal, hein?)and I still have to pack my suitcase.
Salut !

22 Gener 2006 22:40  

Nombre de missatges: 17
sorry that i'am so picky....

The last translation of sirin is correct! But only the word cursudden, needs to be changed to "cursussen". A little typefault!

23 Gener 2006 13:38  

Nombre de missatges: 9
Ah, and the the most terrible thing is that there is nothing I can translate into English but the expert translation from Russian. Hope to find smth to translate soon ))) Thank you ))
How is your restoring work? I express my sympathy for the server crash. You are really great to find power to restore this. Respect! ))

24 Gener 2006 19:59  

Lila F.
Nombre de missatges: 159
Thanks again!

28 Gener 2006 18:11  

Nombre de missatges: 279
Cher JP je suis désole du crash du disque dure.

31 Gener 2006 22:28  

Nombre de missatges: 1 need a volunteer editor for your site. For example, next to the translation button it says, make a translation, and it should be do. We do translations in English. I can help you from time to time. Let me know and contact me in private. It would improve the look of the site's public face.

1 Febrer 2006 01:43  

Nombre de missatges: 1
I would like to know how i translate some text here!!!???

2 Febrer 2006 21:21  

Nombre de missatges: 135
Hi, sorry to disturb you, but I'm needing some advice: pt_PT's and pt_BR's evaluation lists are getting bigger, full of languages which I don't have the least knowlege. Even though there are some latin ones like spanish and italian, I don't feel confident in disagreing with other translators. Perhaps, these people should receive some kind of remainder to request translations to English, to ease things off. I've submitted many notes suggesting people to do so, but it just keep comming... I'm all ears (eyes ;-) )

4 Febrer 2006 09:44  

Nombre de missatges: 40
Hi Jp,
I've got a few translations from an user named rodi.... She has translated you into U(in French Vous) Should I change it into Jij(in French Tu) to prevent mistakes???

5 Febrer 2006 10:29  

Nombre de missatges: 40
Overall, the jij-form is used on Cucumis. Thanks for answering the question!

18 Febrer 2006 11:38  

Nombre de missatges: 1
Gostaria de corrigir um dado no meu cadastro sobre os idiomas que leio.Por gentileza me envie orientações.Agradeço antecipadamente,Fernanda

21 Febrer 2006 16:48  

Lila F.
Nombre de missatges: 159
Hi jp, some links on the catalan version are broken... I cannot entre there. Best wishes!

22 Febrer 2006 13:07  

Nombre de missatges: 1
for the translation of to play by ear, it's "improviser" or "naviguer à vue" sans plans définis

23 Febrer 2006 20:34  

Nombre de missatges: 279
Je vois que les icônes de quelques drapeaux figurent avec un point d’interrogation il faut corriger ça sil vous plait et merci d’avance.

3 Març 2006 03:51  

Nombre de missatges: 6
Hi jp, God knows I have tried but I do not manage to understand what the the heck is this:
@scr(@sdq($t)) or this: '@ssq($t)'

Cinq cents d'explication, s'il te plait!!!



6 Març 2006 17:18  

Nombre de missatges: 24
what is a wikki traduction? how can I help you about that? tks, have a nice day...

7 Març 2006 23:20  

Nombre de missatges: 24
the wiki traductions I have been doing are for spanish translation?

8 Març 2006 09:29  

Nombre de missatges: 20
combien de traductions faut-il effectuer environ pour passer expert?
Merci pour ta réponse.

10 Març 2006 19:33  

Nombre de missatges: 279
Cher JP :
Il faut corriger dans le fichier texte des pays.
Western Sahara الجمهورية العربية الصحراوية
Sahara oriental par Sahara occidental ou RASD

10 Març 2006 21:35  

La Bonne
Nombre de missatges: 10
Hello JP,
I think it is time for a BIG compliment to you.
I know this site for a short while and I do like it very much.
I am not able to translate many texts, but I want you to know you're doing great!!
La Bonne
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