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28 Maig 2007 22:43  

Una Smith
Nombre de missatges: 429
Re caspertavernello's complaint about new users, I suppose he needs some boilerplate text that explains to them what his job is. And that this web site uses peer review for quality control of the work. And that the peer review gives the translatior on-the-job training.

Actually, all new translators should get this basic orientation to what happens *after* they submit a translation.

Do we now have enough experience at doing this, that we can write a description of it?

29 Maig 2007 18:10  

Nombre de missatges: 545
Salut, jp (again)

There is another user with serious problems (taisinha)...
Actually she is saiyng durties words in portuguese forum
Hi Sun of a bitch, go fuck yourself, You don't remember me, but I do remember you and take care cause I 'll kill you ...

I don't know for who is the message but It should be remove, really fast!

Thanks again!

31 Maig 2007 17:57  

casper tavernello
Nombre de missatges: 5057
goncin wants to chang his main language to 'brazilian portuguese'.

Finally, a chat. Our in box was getting overfull (brazilian people talk way too much ).
Nice idea!

6 Juny 2007 12:59  

Nombre de missatges: 1014
Hi, are there any Estonian or Lithuanian experts?


6 Juny 2007 16:31  

Nombre de missatges: 1014
I got more then 1 =(
I am born in Estonia, but my parents are lithuanian so I speak lithuanian at home..

So I can read and write it.
When I was 10 years old I moved to Belgium
so in those 10 years I learnt Estonian (at school and with friends) and Lithuanian at home.

In Belgium you get french when you are 10 years old, so I speak it like 7 years now (there are alot of french-talking people in Belgium, so I speak quite alot french in real life, and well.. I speak Dutch in school, friends, everywhere.

I only got english for like 4 years, but It isn't that difficult,, and well..
I got 3 years of Spanish and German in school (I only translate from spanish and german to other languages, I don't write spanish or german)
althought german looks like dutch =)

and portuguese I can only read (my girlfriend is portuguese)

6 Juny 2007 18:12  

Nombre de missatges: 87

Something small - when I receive a message from cucumis with an alert for a new translation that has been requested, or for a new message in my cucumis inbox, the "about" field is distorted - here is what I get: ТекСС, РєРѕР№СРѕ СССР±РІР° РґР° Р±СРґРµ Р ...
It wasn't like that some time ago and then I started getting it in this way and it is not the page's encoding - I have tried all the options, but these symbols just won't turn into cyrilic alphabet.
The body of the email is ok though.
just to let you know.

7 Juny 2007 11:12  

Vilma P. Ramos de Mattos
Nombre de missatges: 11
Não sei outros idiomas sómente o básico como
frances, ingles e espanhol. Queria aprender
muito compartilhando com outros amigos
compreensivos. Minha finalidade não é saber
quem fala mais ou menos idiomas é aprender.

18 Juny 2007 19:47  

Nombre de missatges: 38
Trataré de participar en la medida de mi disponibilidad y espero colaborar lo más que pueda.
Saludos desde Chile

Zaida Machuca Inostroza
Traductor Francés Español

21 Juny 2007 09:00  

Nombre de missatges: 878

Can you remove this translation?

29 Juny 2007 13:53  

casper tavernello
Nombre de missatges: 5057

30 Juny 2007 18:29  

Nombre de missatges: 1
اني هسا بالانترنت

11 Juliol 2007 23:00  

Nombre de missatges: 793
Dear Sir,
I´m quite new at Cucumis.
I would like to inform you about an inappropriate translation that I think you should correct.
When logging out from the community the following swedish text appears:
"Du är inte inloggad, gör något åt det, ditt jävla pucko" eng. [You aren´t logged in, do something, you bloody idiot]
that is a very rude message.
I would suggest:
"Du har nu lämnat Cucumis genom utloggning."
eng.[You have now left Cucumis by logging out.]

That´s all for now!
Thank you

12 Juliol 2007 08:41  

Nombre de missatges: 793
Thank you, too. Of course, I´ll check the swedish texts. Just send them to me.

Best regards

13 Juliol 2007 07:25  

Nombre de missatges: 45
Je ne sais pas si cela pourrait en intéresser d'autres que moi, mais vous dites rechercher des experts. Peut être pourriez-vous spécifier les langues (si vous en cherchez certaines en particulier) et la marche à suivre pour le devenir dans une page spéciale du forum ou quelque part où tout le monde pourrait le lire ?
Voilà pour la suggestion.
Et encore bon anniversaire. Félicitations ! Le site est génial !

23 Juliol 2007 19:35  

Nombre de missatges: 1
I have just (yesterday) registered. By mistake I have picked the flag of "hindi". I would like to take this marking away and add "arabic" instead. I have searched for a way to do this, but it seems not to be possible. I wonder a bit about the meaning af "being able to read" a language??

25 Juliol 2007 19:09  

casper tavernello
Nombre de missatges: 5057

27 Juliol 2007 21:34  

Nombre de missatges: 21
Acceptez la traduiction "Valutas maiņa" (currency excange) en letton SVP.
J'ai demandé cette traduction par méprise, mais la traduction est fait et on doit donner les points à traductrice. : )

30 Juliol 2007 11:42  

Nombre de missatges: 12396
Salut JP, pourras-tu vérifier si
ce membre-ci et
cet autre membre ne seraient pas, par hasard, une seule et même personne?
( seulement si tu as le temps, ne te tracasse pas avec ça autrement!)
bonnes vacances JP (veinard!)

4 Agost 2007 04:55  

Nombre de missatges: 42
Thank you very much, I really like this website, let's do diligently. I hope that our relationship will be better!~

11 Agost 2007 03:26  

casper tavernello
Nombre de missatges: 5057
Hi again,JP!
First, I would to congratulate you and all the comunity for another mark, of 50.000 users.
Second, I've been thinking about a project with a scheme for weights and measures conversion. What do you think?
See you.
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