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11 Octubre 2007 08:10  

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Thank you, jp. For the modification.

14 Octubre 2007 05:40  

Nombre de missatges: 773
Hi JP,
I would really like to help with the translation updates in wiki project but there something I don't understand:
the translation box is almost empty, so should I translate it all or just the highlighted area?
Look here:

14 Octubre 2007 14:41  

Nombre de missatges: 2481
Hello jp,
could you please have a look at this translation? Lefke has still a trouble with it, he said here in turkishforum that the prof. whose name was in it before is very angry because when he googles his name he directly goes to this page, but lefke doesn't know why google still shows it because his name is already deleted. He asked me to help him to solve this problem. Could you remove all this translation and source text completely?

15 Octubre 2007 16:08  

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Hi, I was talking about TineSa.. She's using the same computer as you. I thought it was you. Do you know her ?

yes sorry but me and tine are not the sam person i live in a wg ( sorry i dont no what wg means in eglish thers a house who lives many friends togheter) so we have the same pc she knows about this site from me i told her about it so cams that we using the sam pc thats all

18 Octubre 2007 09:59  

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Why do u got that time system?

I mean when i want to translate something there's a clock up which limits my translating time... for exampel U GOT 2 MINUTES TO TRANSLATE THIS TEXT THEN IT'S OVER... that only make stress and u'll translate much worse if there was'nt no time

18 Octubre 2007 15:35  

Nombre de missatges: 12
No need to pursue the translation. I have translated the text.

thanx for trying.

22 Octubre 2007 22:38  

Nombre de missatges: 773
Hi JP,
Took me some time, but I did it :-)
Same question goes to this page:
Does it need to be completely translated ?

24 Octubre 2007 10:00  

Ren Wanxiu
Nombre de missatges: 7
Thank you very much for your kindness.

24 Octubre 2007 14:19  

Nombre de missatges: 1014
I got 2 questions

Could you make another lithuanian expert? (if there are any possible persons)

and how much in '-' can you go?

I mean in points?
as an ordinary translator, how many minus points can you have?

24 Octubre 2007 14:35  

Nombre de missatges: 1014
thanks ^^

and it was just a question, because there are sooo much lithuanian texts undone + mine aren't accepted (I don't got that much but..)

24 Octubre 2007 14:40  

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oh I've got another question!

some question which can improve the site!
you could make like a list, where you can see all! (or at least the active and native persons) and their language

for example, when I am looking for an Albanian person, I just have to type in 'Albanian' and then I all the native albanian speakers appear!

(this could be good for bridge translations, because somethimes an expert is not online for a long period of time! so it would be useful if you see the native albanian translators)

14 Novembre 2007 23:05  

Nombre de missatges: 2
Hi, I wonder how I can add more main languages?

15 Novembre 2007 13:45  

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Mohobbat karna koi zulm nahi,agar ki jaye usool se, Khuda ko bhi mohabbat thi,Apne Rasoul se

Je souhaiterais que vous me traduisiez ceci merci

21 Novembre 2007 20:22  

Nombre de missatges: 2747
Salut jp

Désolée d'être absente depuis si longtemps. Malheureusement cette situation va durer puisque mon ordi n'est pas réparable.

Dès que je trouve une solution durable je serai de nouveau parmis vous.

Je profite d'un repas chez des amis - je squatte leur ordi et leur connection internet.

Vous me manquez tous!!


25 Novembre 2007 21:38  

Nombre de missatges: 1524
hello, JP.

I have a question, In members menu I had an option "search" so I could see members, for example, from my country. This option doesn't appear anymore in my menu list. Is there something wrong or I don't have the right to use it? thank you.

27 Novembre 2007 19:07  

Nombre de missatges: 220
Hi JP, bubu20 asked me to delete her account. Could you please do that?

29 Novembre 2007 20:30  

Nombre de missatges: 5
I don't know it this is the right place to post the message. If not, I'm sorry. Just can't figure out where else this should be posted :/

I'm the that posted the question about "spionkat" from czech to many other langues. The why so mange target langues is that I can always use other translations sites, likke babelfish. But there is not czech on babelfish.

I hope you understand this, sorry if it got a little confusing. I'm sorry about the one word only, I've now posted a message in the forum instead

- Ida.

1 Desembre 2007 19:21  

casper tavernello
Nombre de missatges: 5057
Thank you.
oooof, no more casperta, caspeta vermelho...

I hope so

8 Desembre 2007 06:26  

Nombre de missatges: 773
Hi JP,
Angelus has informed me that we are not accepting name translations.
What should I do with all name translations awaiting evalution?

9 Desembre 2007 03:01  

Nombre de missatges: 1671
Salut jp,
Une toute petite chose qui ne presse point, mais j'ai remarqué qu'il existe deux façons de taper le petit bonhomme vert qui fait un clin d'oeil ( ); avec le ;) et le ").
J'ai souvent des occasions où le dernier apparait dans mes messages quand je ne le veux pas, par exemple à la fin de citations entre parenthèses ("Comme ça". Il me faut alors retourner et éditer le message en y mettant un espace entre le " et le ), ("Comme ça" ).
Je me demandais ainsi si on pouvait supprimer ce dernier, et ne laisser que le ;) pour indiquer le clin d'oeil?
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