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20Превод - Немски-Английски - Hallo Sha mein schatz,

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Hallo Sha mein schatz,
Предоставено от Roller-Coaster
Език, от който се превежда: Немски

Hallo Sha mein schatz,
würde dich gerne sehen mein engel egal wo ;O)
du bist echt süss du machst mich verrückt ;O)

hast du gerade viel zu tun oder habe ich was falsches geschrieben weil du mir nicht antwortest ??oder nerv ich dich einfach nur??
wenn ich zu viel schreibe musst es nur sage baby ;O)Hätte nie gedacht das ich mal einen Prominenten wirklich mag und hübsch finde aber du bist einfach hammer du verdrehst sicher allen frauen den Kopf ;O)..schade das du so weit weg lebst

und wie findest du meine neuen bilder hübscher engel....
Забележки за превода
Hallo leute ihr seit meine letzte hoffnung ;O)ich brauche diese übersetzung unbedingt da ich verliebt bin aber leider kaum Kroatisch kann....danke

Hello Sha my sweetheart

Преведено от CocoT
Желан език: Английски

Hello Sha my sweetheart,

I'd love to see you, my angel, it doesn't matter where ;o)
You're really sweet, you drive me crazy ;o)

Do you have a lot to do for the moment or did I write something wrong that you won't answer me?? Or do I simply get on your nerves??
Just tell me if I'm writing too much, baby ;o) I would never have thought I would one day really like a celebrity and find him so cute, but you're just awesome and I'm sure you turn every woman's head ;o) ... such a pity you live so far


and how do like my new pictures, my pretty angel...
Забележки за превода
- I assumed "Sha" was a name
- "something wrong" (closer to the german) or "something bad" (sounds a little better, in English, maybe)
- "won't answer" sounded a little better that "don't answer", even though it could also work.
- "celebrity" or maybe "VIP" (hard to say out of context)
- "awesome" in the double meaning of "great" and "good-looking", I thought it worked well, here :)
- "how do you like" (which I thought sounded a little better) is used in the meaning of "how do you find"
За последен път се одобри от kafetzou - 26 Септември 2007 05:17