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10Traduzione - Russo-Inglese - Если бы я была министром образования

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Если бы я была министром образования
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Lingua originale: Russo

Если бы я была министром образования, я бы во всех школах сделала так, чтобы у всех детей было 5 учебных дней и 2 выходных. Не нагружала бы сильно детей. Во время урока, через каждые 15 минут делала бы трех минутные перерывы. Учебный день ребенка должен быть в норме, не более 7 часов, чтобы ребенок мог усваивать пройденный материал дома. Кроме основных уроков ребенок может посещать различные занятия, которые соответствуют выбору его будущей профессии. Преподаватель не имеет права оскорблять ребенка.

If I was the minister of education

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Lingua di destinazione: Inglese

If I was the minister of education I would make sure that in every school all children have five school days and two days off. I would not put too much burden on the children. During classes, I would make three minute breaks every fifteen minutes. A child's school day should be no more than seven hours so that kids could master the presented material at home. In addition to the basic lessons, children would be able to attend different classes, which correspond to their future profession. Teachers have no right to offend children.
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Regarding this translation: I can very well translate it into English (I've got a B in a Cambridge Advanced Learners, if that is important), but that expert sign is not letting me. I don't belive that exists an English expert on the site who speaks also Romanian so, the text can be longer time there without being translated. What can we do about it?

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I've removed the "only expert". Good luck

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Thanks, I 'll do my best.