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170Texte d'origine - Grec - den einai i gineka mou alla einai i koubara mou....

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Cette demande de traduction ne concerne que la signification.
den einai i gineka mou alla einai i koubara mou....
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Proposé par pmpizarro
Langue de départ: Grec

den einai i gineka mou alla einai i koubara mou. to mono pou exo einai mia mikri koroula pou einai panemorfi kai zo mono gia autin.
27 Avril 2009 00:15

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6 Mai 2009 22:48

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δεν ειναι ι γινεκα μου αλλα ειναι ι κουβαρα μου. το μονο που εξο ειναι μια μικρι κορουλα που ειναι πανεμορφι και ζο μονο για αυτιν.

Hello galka! Is this text acceptable according to our rule #[8]? Thanks a lot!

CC: galka

6 Mai 2009 23:13

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Oh, no! Is fine.

6 Mai 2009 23:20

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Thanks for your prompt reply, dear galka!
I'm very untrustful and don't speak Greek at all, using a web translator to check sure won't never replace our golden members, Power-Cucumers!

CC: galka

7 Mai 2009 01:13

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you are terrible francky....your behavior is a poor definition of helping others.....always 'chasing' instead of help...

7 Mai 2009 10:45

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Yeah, about your reflexion, I would say that's the ungrateful side of my job, I mean spending so much time to check translation requests and read public messages from frustrated users as a feedback; but you know, despite the frustration feeling you got after your request has been delayed for a short time (just the time to check it actually, it was set in stand-by from 6 Mai 2009 22:48 to 6 Mai 2009 23:20...), you should ask other members whether I'm helpful or not on the site before stating I'm not helping users here; that's part of my job here as an admin to set requests in stand-by when I'm in doubt, and all the admins who care about quality of the site do the same as I do; or you'd never posted what you just posted, which I had the displeasure to read this morning when back from my work. The "poor definition" I got in the teeth is just due to the 32 minutes delay for your translation request, translation that is done for free. Maybe you do not care at all about quality of the site, as someone who just gets benefit from the free translation service, after all why would you do, uh?

7 Mai 2009 10:51

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I do care....but it was not the first time i saw similar things coming from you ma man...I understand your care...but 'we' that need help with some help us instead of 'cut' it from the begining...
Even 2 or 3 words sometimes can be important for our day...our mind....our heart..hope you understand what I mean...Keep on the good work but try to be more comprehensive and leave '
censorship' as a last century bad spot ;-)

Hug from Portugal, no hard feelings

Obs. I do care about the site...even for 'free' it help me a lot in my personal life.. you can believe on that.

7 Mai 2009 10:55

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6 minutes delay to answer you ... not bad hu? for someone that doesn't care about cucumis .. ;-) hugs

7 Mai 2009 11:33

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I do not deserve what you said in your post 7 May 2009 01:13, ("your behavior is a poor definition of helping others" ) as I spent thousands of hours trying to be helpful with people here, and I really think your words towards me are unfair.

Let's say that when you'll have spent as many hours on the site as I did as an assiduous member, or as an expert, or as an admin, you'll be allowed to tell me what I've got to do, and what I haven't got to do.

This "stand-by" process was issued for not having to reject translations that were done from texts that would not match our guideline about submission of texts. This is a very handy issue as it avoids a lot of extra-work and frustrations for translators who still ignore the way we are working because they are newcomers.

Yeah, being told "your behavior is a poor definition of helping others" is kind of unfair from you, man.

7 Mai 2009 13:18

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Sorry for “popping in” to your discussion, but I think you are VERY unfair too Franck! He's doing a great job to keep the high quality ....and he’s also a friendly person, always ready to help others on this site. Please, don't forget ...this work is 100 % voluntary.

7 Mai 2009 14:33

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Well, i don't want to judge how many hours and 'for free' he spends here...I just made a comment that was not the first time that I saw and I was 'victim' of his censorship in my demand for translations...and maybe because he spends many hours here, unluckily I had that ONLY from him till now...from anyone else I think...
In the request above...he is the first to assume that he doesn't understand greek....but in case of doubt ...let's cut...instead of leaving that to those that can understand the words...even gaika comment with an exclamation mark...quote: ..Oh, no! Is fine....unquote

Finally, what I mean is....Francky keep on the good work...but in case of doubt...leave it...users appreciate that and thank you for that...

It happens that my wife is greek and she is working there and me abroad...and i'm not yet even close to understand greek..i'm trying to learn but it's not easy..I can speak and write English, French, Italien, Spanish and Portuguese but not greek....we comunicate for many time now in English :-)...and sometimes just as a joke or to tease me ...she ( and greek friends ) send me messages in greek....and that's what I wask the help of people here...
Maybe sometimes not according to rule [4] but i guess always according with rule [8] ( I hope ) :-) :-) :-)

So, Francky sorry on my behalf if I hurt your feelings....
What I mean is...Be more tolerant with those that need help...and in case of doubt...don't just cut..
Thanks and a big hug from Portugal for all of you

7 Mai 2009 17:22

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"Cut in case of doubt" I'm not the only one who does it, please ask the other admins if they don't do the same as I do. Moreover I explained that in my message above, about use of the "stand-by" issue. As our policy is to avoid a text to be translated when we've got a doubt on it. I don't understand Greek either, so I sent a CC to galka who replied quickly, the problem was solved in half an hour, and what do I read this morning : "your behavior is a poor definition of helping others..."

And if you're doing all that fuss for 32 minutes of delay, then keep on arguing and tell you did well posting what you said, calling me a censor and all the like, let me tell you that I don't appreciate at all, and I'm not ready to accept it without replying and protesting about the words you used towards me.

If you're "victim of my censorship" because a translation request of yours was delayed for half an hour (and I don't remind having done it another time to any of your translation requests), if I am having a behaviour that is "a poor definition of helping others" just because of that, then affect apologizing and just add another lay over with your "be more tolerant with those who need help" Man I'm really disgusted you know, I'ven't got any lesson of behaviour to receive from someone who is whining for a half an hour delay.

Thanks for your kind words, Pia, but I'm not finished with that until pmpizzaro recognizes he has been excessive in his words and sincerely apologizes.

As I wouldn't like to work for someone who's talking to me this way.

7 Mai 2009 18:06

lilian canale
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Wow! I hadn't paid attention to this thread until now. If I had, I would've posted some lines to our rude, demanding, impatient user who apparently thinks has the keys to run a free translation site better than us.

you have more important things to do on Cucumis than wasting your time on long explanations to a user that isn't obviously the kind we appreciate.

You chose the wrong person to complain about.
Francky is the eyes and soul of
I would say that without him and the time he kindly devotes to the site, nothing would work properly and you probably wouldn't have gotten your texts translated promptly and accurately.
I'm sure you will find in the Internet other sites to help you from now on, since I, myself will deactivate your profile straightaway.
See? there's another administrator who is "less comprehensive and more intransigent" than Francky.

Good luck!

CC: jp