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Texte d'origine - Arabe - الحمد لله الذي أحاط بكل شيء علما ووسع كل شيء حفظا...

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Cette demande de traduction ne concerne que la signification.
الحمد لله الذي أحاط بكل شيء علما ووسع كل شيء حفظا...
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Proposé par omaromar
Langue de départ: Arabe

الحمد لله الذي أحاط بكل شيء علما ووسع كل شيء حفظا ، يا من هو المحيط الجامع والنور الساطع ، لك الملك ولك الحمد حمدا كثيرا متواترا ونسبحك تسبيحا يليق بجلال سبحات وجهك الكريم واسمك العظيم ، وصلوات منك ربي ورحمة لحبيبك ومصطفاك
من عرف الله تعالى حق معرفة ناله سرور عظيم وانشرح قلبه ووهب الله له أنوارا زكية وفتح له من عظيم العطايا ، ومقامات من الحب والأنس والود ما لا يعلمه الا الله .
فمن وجد الله فأي شيء لا يجد؟ وبأي شيء يشتغل بعده ؟
Dernière édition par Francky5591 - 12 Juillet 2008 21:02

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19 Juin 2008 04:32

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grrrr, its too complicated to translate :s

19 Juin 2008 09:43

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Is it a sourate or some part of the Coran?

19 Juin 2008 11:05

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no its just a speech, lots of rhetoric terms

19 Juin 2008 11:17

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Wait until the French version is done then I'll try to send you a bridge from it! lol
Yes, it seems a high density text, I systrannized it and I'm always surprized when what looks like a small text in Arabic characters becomes a much wider one in Latin characters! lol

24 Juin 2008 04:23

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I got this far then i stopped, for me it is not possible to translate it, and i think its a bit of a stretch, who needs that in English, there are other vocabulary in every language that can be used to portray these spiritual emotions, translating does not do good ...
"Praise is to God who surounded everything with his knowledge and contained everything with his protection, Oh you who is the complete surrounder and bright shine, yours is possession of everything and to you is praise, much of it and continual praise, we glorify you in a way that suits your magisty and your glory name, and prayers from you my Lord and mercy upon your beloved and your chosen one.
He who knows God receives lots of pleasure and ease at heart, and God bestows upon him ...." i give up :s

12 Juillet 2008 21:02

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OK, thanks a lot elmota, I'll set this text free under the "meaning only" banner.