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pluiepoco Expert Chinese simplified Chinese traditional


Expert - Chinese simplified Chinese traditional
Country ‎China
Year of birth1982
First visit14 December 2005
Last visit10 March 2021 00:38
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Main language ‎Chinese simplified Chinese simplified
pluiepoco can read the following languages: FrenchEnglishPortugueseSpanishChinese simplifiedItalianGreekCzechEsperantoCatalanChinese traditionalBrazilian PortugueseAfrikaansLiterary Chinese / Wényánwén
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Source languageFrenchEnglishRomanianItalianPortugueseEsperantoCatalanChinese traditionalSpanishChinese simplifiedLiterary Chinese / Wényánwén
Target languageFrenchEnglishChinese traditionalChinese simplifiedJapaneseLiterary Chinese / Wényánwén
Chinese simplified
8.82/10   Expert
Chinese traditional
8.56/10   Expert
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I was young when time was old
Time is new when I am old
That is tragedy.