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7 Decembro 2006 16:31  

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Hi, lepurica told me you could be an expert for Faroese, would you like to help us ? Read this before answering


7 Decembro 2006 22:14  

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Yes, I will gladly help. Thank uou very much.

8 Decembro 2006 06:04  

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OK then, you are expert for Faroese now, thanks and good luck!

6 Marto 2008 13:38  

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Dear Bamsa,
your translation was very helpful. Thank you! Still I have some more words left and I cannot find anyone who could translate that for me. So, please I would be very grateful if you could translate few more words by tomorrow afternoon. I will post them the way I did before...

I hope you will be able to do that

Best wishes, Piene

26 Majo 2008 01:27  

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Hello Bamsa. I was on that page, but it didn't work. You say that this sentence has no meaning. Well, there are some spelling errors, and actually, it seems that the end is missing, so how could it be translated into other languages? You know, I'm not quite good at my computer yet, that's one thing, but for the translation I dont
know. Don't you think , it could be translated into English.. And last, but certainly not least,
THANKS for your help.!!!

7 Septembro 2008 14:47  

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thanks for translation, it is great do you or somebody else want to read it aloud? send me sound files? mp3 or any format to , this is brilliant work thanks so much , i post it on my website non profit site, costs me money, even more now because i pay for soundfile hosting - makes them work much better cheers peter

2 Oktobro 2008 19:52  

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Hej Bamsa!
Will you please look at this page and say what you think of the translation and the discussion below.
I had some thoughts about verbs or nouns.

7 Oktobro 2008 10:51  

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Well all little bits help, thanks!

8 Oktobro 2008 22:43  

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Hej Bamsa!
Skulle du vilja vara så snäll och titta på den här. Jag har en röst för den här översättningen, och skulle vilja få bekräftat att den stämmer.

9 Oktobro 2008 18:53  

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Thank you Bamsa!!

31 Januaro 2009 21:58  

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Hi bamsa how are you i hope youre well. i want something from you. May you send me 1000 point for very importand myself for some operation because i cant speak any language please. good day.

17 Marto 2009 21:33  

lilian canale
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Thanks Bamsa
Well...we tried, I'll remove the request, he might not be that interested in it I guess.

21 Aprilo 2009 13:41  

Sweet Dreams
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Did you already saw this?


22 Aprilo 2009 14:25  

Sweet Dreams
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No problem


25 Aprilo 2009 15:11  

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OK, done

6 Majo 2009 02:06  

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21 Majo 2009 14:25  

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Thanks BAMSA.

23 Majo 2009 16:38  

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Hello Bamsa,
I was wondering if you could translate this into Icelandic for me. It was rejected when I tried to submit it formally because it is only two words. This is what needs to be translated:
"World History" (or 'History of the World')



30 Junio 2009 20:11  

love ahmed
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basma do you speak arabic?

5 Julio 2009 21:43  

love ahmed
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Is it possible to be a new friend
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