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Spertulo - Hinda
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[PS-If you have a translation to/from Hindi or a working one from Urdu (bridges included) done urgently/quickly, just send me a cc from the original translation request page. I'd respond asap.]

Coldbreeze 16 welcomes you to his page

The good name of Coldbreeze16 aka cb16 aka Ness is Nasim Ali but his friends call him Ness and he's currently getting ready for university (MBBS degree).

Enough of being impersonal. Well computers, and not languages are my first love but linguistics and literature is not afar either. It is 2nd. Yay, I'm a mix of geek and nerd.

About my linguistic abilities

Well I live in the state of Orissa, and as such I grew up learning Oriya. I learnt it for 12 years and its my native language. I'm perfectly at home with it. Then, we are supposed to speak Urdu at home. I had private tutoring in Urdu for 3-4 years. Everything is fine with it except that my Urdu grammar is a lil weak. Btw, I said we're 'supposed' to use Urdu, but the mixture language we use at home is rather more close to a hybrid between Hindi, Oriya and Urdu. And besides that, Hindi being the official national language I learnt it for 4-5 years. When I had a choice between Hindi and Sanskrit, I chose the latter to learn a new language and also to get more marks ^_^ he he. I learnt Sanskrit for 3.5 years. I would have loved to learn it more. But the declensions everywhere and exceedingly rigid grammar rules are a down In the childhood, I had private tutoring in Persian for 2 years, but I've now forgotten most of it. I once had a whim of learning Arabic and attended a tutor for 2 months, but finding it somewhat tedious I gave up. Right now I'm learning German and I love it And Japanese is next. I want to be a polyglot like Cardinal Giuseppe Mezzofanti (who could speak over 60 languages!). The other languages I'd love to learn some day would be Russian (I love all Russian literary works, Tolstoy is my favorite....and Baba Yaga...mmmm), French (I've heard so much about it being the most romantic), Polish (at one time I was damn interested in Slavic culture), Italian (I believe Italians to be one of the finest people and I wanna visit Italy at least once ) and some Chinese (when I plan to go mad, of course! lol).

Oh yes, where did I leave out English? :s lol Well its purr-fect. I've been learning English since 15 years (yes, more than my mother tongue, cause I took English in college). I do some poem and story writing and most of them are in English. You can check some out at