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Three new languages

2005年 जुलाई 18日
About five days passed since the last news update and is now implemented in three new languages:
- Turkish translated for the most part by zort and helped by my old friend shanice.
- Catalan translated in only one day by the translation dream team: strip and Ereza.
- Japanese translated by ccdj and helped by Try.

That seems so easy to say, but it means a lot of work and I thank you all for the trust you placed in
We are now ready to welcome Mr. Googlebot but he seems to be a little shy...

Languages coming soon : Spanish (90% completed), Esperanto (85%), Russian (50%) and Greek (50%).
यो हरफ निम्न भाषामा उपलब्ध छ: अंग्रेजीफ्रान्सेलीजापानीडचस्पेनीकातालानजर्मनएस्पेरान्तोतुर्केलीअरबीरूसीBulgarianरोमानियनपोर्तुगालीइतालियनअल्बेनियनस्विडेनी

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