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2006년 4월 2일
More than 5000 members have registered with and it's the opportunity to remind that without its members is nothing. Thanks to the members who spend part of their spare time for the community and a special thanks to the experts of cucumis, who check and edit all translations to make them as good as possible.
Waiting for the 10000th member, there is a lot of work to do here, making the interface more clear, the search of translations more easy, developing the project section, and the language course section too...

Top chart: number of members. Bottom chart: number of new members each day Members by country

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2006년 4월 6일 16:16

게시물 갯수: 24
Muchas Felicidades JP!!! gran esfuerzo el tuyo... recibe un abrazo y un beso desde Oaxaca, Mex... Saludos y sabes es un honor pertenecer a hasta pronto

2008년 5월 13일 11:05

게시물 갯수: 221
here is a small erorr.
İn the phrase "5000'den fazla kişi'a üye oldu ve buda CUCUMİS.PRG'un üyeleri olmadan hiç birşey olduğunu anlatıyor.." writed "CUCUMİS.PRG'un ". Must be "'un"

2008년 5월 13일 23:35

게시물 갯수: 3785
Thank you I've corrected it now

2019년 1월 29일 09:07

게시물 갯수: 9
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