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Server crash

2006년 1월 22일
The hard disk of the web server has crashed yesterday .

The data were restored from the 9h january. Many translations, messages, wiki articles and members are lost, and I'm sorry for that. All avatars pictures are also lost. I invite deleted members to register again and send a message in the forums to get back their former status (Number of points, Expert rank etc...). All members are invited to request their points back.

I hope it won't happen again as it took me the whole week-end to repair and it's not yet completed.

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2006년 1월 22일 15:20

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Merci pour tes efforts jp.

2006년 11월 29일 12:18

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Oeps...Ik ben pas lid, maar vind het erg voor jullie. Ik wens jullie goede moed.

2010년 3월 16일 23:17

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2010년 10월 15일 11:34
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2019년 1월 29일 09:09

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