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jp 숙련자 프랑스어


숙련자 - 프랑스어
국가 ‎프랑스
처음 방문2005년 6월 22일
최종 방문2019년 8월 6일 11:48
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I'm the webmaster of this website. I don't earn any money with it; my objective is to build and share my ideas with you. I believe that we can help each other on the net.
I'm not a linguist and my English is very bad, so why would I manage a website about languages? I like the idea of helping people from all over the world meet each other, collaborate, and share their knowledge and their cultures. I'm also insterested in discovering new forms of communication over the net. is not a blog, not a wiki, and not a forum - it's all of them and none of them. As it's very unusual, I hope you will take a few minutes to learn how it works.
After a few months of hard work, the engine is now nearly ready, I hope some of you will take advantage of it and that we'll manage to build a strong community.

Don't send me personal messages if your message might be of interest to other users. Use the forums instead.