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Country ‎Turkey
Year of birth1987
First visit12 August 2009
Last visit21 March 2012 22:58
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Main language ‎Turkish Turkish
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How pleasant to see that you are visiting my page. Welcome! I'm improving my English by speaking it. Nowadays I have become interested in translation. I very much want to translate some of my written poems, ideas and nice sentences into English. I know ''To translate a poem into another language means that you have written a new poem in that language.''. You can suggest books, periodicals, newspapers, websites, programs; namely, everything which is useful for improving the language.

Every person is a book. I believe that I can learn nice things from every person. ''The person, who speaks one language, is worth one person, the person, who speaks two languages, is worth two people...'' Friendship is based on sincerity and sharing. My friends contribute positively to me. My door is always open to honest and sincere people.
(The moneychanger knows value of gold)

Yours sincerely...