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2012年 九月 8日 08:26  

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2012-09-08 13:11:50 Mandarin Yam
I took a translation work request from Steven C. Wade from MMOsmart: Global Game solutions in early December 2008. I submitted the completed translated work on December 31, 2008, which consisted of over 20,000 words from Simplified Chinese to English.

As of today, I still have not received any payment for this job from Mr. Steven Wade.

My payment requests to Mr. Steven Wade have been met with unsatisfactory responses. In 2009, he explained that he was encountering difficulties with the developers of Childhood Translation in China causing the game to be unable to be released on the market. Given that he also has to pay rent, he reasoned that he would be unable to pay me at the time.

In November 2011, I sent him a PayPal invoice to request my payment again while attempting to contact him via Skype. I quickly found out that he has removed me as a contact and all email correspondence was cut off.

Because he claimed the work was "enormous and urgent" in the first few emails, I was coaxed into starting the project immediately without signing a contract. Before this incident, I have always received payment for my work, which made me negligent in making sure to have a contract to protect my hardworking efforts.

I have proof of email and skype correspondences from both and showing that I was commissioned to work on this by Mr. Steven Wade and that I delivered the completed translated work to him within the time constraints we settled upon.

I will never know if the online game the translation was for was ever formally released to the English game market, and I also have no idea why Mr. Steven Wade disappeared when I requested my payment. With this incident in mind, I truly hope that other translators will beware of any such similar situations.

MMOsmart: Global Game Solutions
Steven C. Wade

Chinese version:

2012-09-03 20:21:51 来自: Mandarin Yam

标题:Steven C. Wade - MMOsmart: Global Game Solutions 黑公司,位于美国加州圣荷西

请大家小心此人或此家公司Steven C. Wade from MMOsmart: Global Game Solutions,自2008/12/31 收了我的翻译文件后就一再推托不付款。他说是因为中国的一家公司叫Childhood Translation 的 developer 的问题让他的游戏无法上线,我不知道确切是什么样的问题导致此人无法付款给我,或是这只是不付款的借口,实际上,我也不会知道是否此人已将游戏上市或已转卖图利。



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